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December 22, 2007

Big sis! Get me out of here! Glasses
Big sis!.jpg Get me out of here!.jpg Glasses.jpg
I can dance! I put the potatoes in the register I'm helpful
I can dance!.jpg I put the potatoes in the register.jpg I'm helpful.jpg
It's got me a girl & tools baking
It's got me.jpg a girl & tools.jpg baking.jpg
baking2 baking3 baking4
baking2.jpg baking3.jpg baking4.jpg
big bro bigsis2 books & friends
big bro.jpg bigsis2.jpg books & friends.jpg
car seats & naps coloring the stove crabby model
car seats & naps.jpg coloring the stove.jpg crabby model.jpg
finalization finalization2 getting some work done
finalization.jpg finalization2.jpg getting some work done.jpg
girls rock gloves & bottles grilled cheese
girls rock.jpg gloves & bottles.jpg grilled cheese.jpg
me and mom more stove coloring naptime
me and mom.jpg more stove coloring.jpg naptime.jpg
nigh nigh vacuuming the cat you woke me up for this
nigh nigh.jpg vacuuming the cat.jpg you woke me up for this.jpg

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