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2008 Pictures

Florida Pictures

Feburary Pictures

2007 Pictures

Joe & Kendra's Wedding Christmas
All About Megan - December 22 Pumkin Carving - October 27
NWC Homecoming - October 6 Various Pictures - September 16
EKC Picnic Megan Eating
Sioux County Fair Hull Parade
Shega's 5th Birthday
Memorial Weekend - Dykstra Party

Science Museum


  Easter Egg Hunt
Shega's Practice Birthday Blizzard - March 1 - 2
Pictures - February 20 Pictures - January 18
Thomas's Birthday Party at the Skating Ring Miscellaneous & First Snow

2006 Pictures


Ethiopia Trip

The Rain Forest Cafe with Uncle Ron & Aunt Lynn Traveling
We get to meet Shaya and Megan The Trip to Hosanna
CHSFS Tour The Trip to the US Embassy
Ethiopia Meal & Dancing The Market

National Museum

The Going Home Party

Birth Certificates



Emma's Birthday

Photo Album - Thanksgiving

Photo Album - Carving Pumpkins The Heitritters