Blog fail. I missed a day.

I was too tired to blog when we got home from our road trip. I was too timid to ask Steve to do it again. I had 91 work related e-mails to check and respond to this morning. Scary screen time necessary this morning. I decided to blog to break up e-mail time.

I couldn't wait to check what Steve posted when I was out.

I love the old pictures of my family, but this picture is the best. The little one with the gun is my brother Rob. This picture is BL (before Laura).

Apparently my dad is arranging the crew for a family picture. He couldn't bear to take the toy gun away from the baby. Thus this picture:


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Since Laura and Emma are on a road trip Laura asked me to blog for her.  I enjoyed looking through Aunt Dode's Facebook pictures of the Dykstra family.  Here are a few of them.  I think Mom and Dad Dykstra did a great job — with what they had to work with.    I am thinking it will be awhile before she asks me to blog for her again.  Steve





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Shhhhh! It's 6:00 a.m. Since we turned the clock back, it looks more like 7:00 a.m. All but Emma and I are asleep.

II'm clicking my keys quietly so I don't wake them.  I don't want to miss my blog post today, so here goes.

Emma and I are off to visit some colleges. We're going to stop in Iowa City to see Paul and our new grand puppy. I've got folks to cover my classes, so we're off.

Steve and the kids are hanging together for a couple of days. I'll be wishing Steve was there, and he'll be wishing I was at here. Even after 30 years we don't like to be apart.

The first leg is about 12 hours. Since it feels like an hour later on this end of the day, I'm thinking that sleep time may come early on the other too.

Have a great Sunday!

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Road trip!

Two girls (ok, one woman and one girl….who is almost 18)

Three days and three states

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Come to the auction tonight!

Bring your kids. Enjoy supper and buy some very cool stuff! Click the link and check it out!

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The blog prompt for the day is:

Would you rather be wealthy and ugly, wise and sickly, or beautiful and stupid?

The Iowa lottery is now at $123,000,000.00.  My brother says that the lottery is a "voluntary tax on the stupid." I guess if I played and won, I could qualify as wealthy AND stupid.

The old nursery rhyme claims that if I go to bed on time I'll be "healthy, wealthy and wise".  Since I'm up blogging, I may fail that test.  Despite my late habits, I think I am already healthy, wealthy and wise. Despite the cough that has plagued me for over a month, I'm very healthy. Thomas and Shega have both seen specialist lately. I've been to the doctor twice this fall.

In Ethiopia access to medical care is rare. One in six children die before the age of five from preventable diseases.

I'm also wealthy. The average Ethiopian makes about $160 per year. I've already confessed to being fairly naive about money, but I'm pretty sure I make more than that.

Am I wise too? I may not be wise, but I have had the awesome privilege to have had a great education. In Ethiopia, 26% of women are illiterate.

I know that I am blessed beyond belief. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the thought of the injustices and inequalities in the world.

I think I already won the lottery without having to pay the voluntary tax!

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The blog prompt for today is:

Tell us the story of a piece of jewelry you own. Where did it come from, and what does it mean to you?

Hmmmm. I don't have my wedding ring anymore. I was driving to the golf course and I took my wedding ring off to play. (It is about comfort and not opportunity folks!)  As I turned the corner, the ring slid into the car door, right down the window. Steve had the body shop remove the car door, but alas the ring was crushed and the diamond missing.

Oh well. I may not have the wedding ring, but I do have the man! Many formerly married folks have the exact opposite situation.

I do have a lovely old diamond ring that my sister lets me wear. She claims to have gotten it at an auction in a box of old jewelry for just a few bucks. I enjoy thinking about who might have worn this ring many years ago and I just love the look.

My sis has also given me a number of old pins and brooches. I especially love the brooch I am wearing today. It is very gaudy and full of bling and shine. It has amazing matching clip-on earrings that I don't wear, but I keep in my jewelry box to look at. Many folks ask me about the variety of pins I enjoy wearing and this one is just great.

I'm also wearing a mother's necklace that my husband gave me for my birthday last year. The necklace is a heart with stones for March (Paul), Dec. (Joe), Nov (Emma), Jan. (Thomas), July (Shega) and Jan. (Megan). It is a lovely necklace and I love it that he made the plans to order it and get it to me for my birthday.

I guess I'm not really sure what my all-time favorite piece of jewelry would be. I guess my favorite is what I'm wearing at the time. My ring, a necklace and a brooch are my favorites today!

What's your favorite piece of jewelry?

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The Comets lost their substate volleyball game tonight.

Emma and her cohorts had a great year.

They had a dream. It really hurts to have that dream crushed. I'm sorry, Emma. I'm sorry Comets.

You are a class act. Hang tight with eachother. Someday you'll need the lessons you take away from this game, this season, and from this sport.

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I haven’t blogged for a long time. It is time for a new challenge.

November is National Blog Posting Month I’ve decided to accept the challenge to blog each day for the month of November. Blogging gives me a record of our family life and purpose when I take pictures. It lends structure to my day.

Here’s the Na-No-Blo-Mo prompt for today. 

How would your life change if you didn’t have rent or a mortgage to pay, i.e., if your housing was free?

If you know me, you know that I don’t pay much attention to the family finances. I fancy myself to be naturally frugal, but I really wouldn’t know since I don’t balance my checkbook.

My husband takes care of the money thing in our family.

In fact…one time…he grew tired of me writing checks all over the place and not recording them. He said, "Honey (ok…I don’t remember exactly how he said it) Honey, I will give you as much cash as you think you will need for the week. Just keep the cash in your purse and let me know when it needs to be replenished. I’m going to keep the checkbooks from now on. BUT don’t worry. You can have as much cash as you need, just ask."

Some of you might know that I never carry cash and often wonder where I can find any money to pay for what I need.

Well….. I certainly tried to help my husband out. I could understand his frustration. It was difficult for him to know just how much money was in the checking account when I didn’t record it or even remember how much I paid for gas, groceries and who know what.

The new plan was hard for me. I often found myself needing groceries, gas and who knows what and not having the cash to pay for it.

One day, I was digging around in an old briefcase and lo and behold I found a CHECKBOOK! YAY! I took it for a test drive that very day. I ended up buying gas, groceries and who knows what for a total of 7 checks.

I knew my poor husband would be annoyed, but I took care to record the checks this time. Although I didn’t know how much money was in the account to start with, I was pleased to know how much I had spent out of it.

I had yet to break the news to poor Steve when he got a call from our former bank.  Yep! You guessed it. Sometime, several years earlier but after I had retired that very briefcase, we had switched to the hometown bank. The checking account I used was closed.

Lesson learned! (or at least noted)

So back to the Na-No-Blo-Mo prompt. What would I do if I didn’t have to pay for housing? I doubt if I would do anything different. I might not even notice!

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Shega wanted her hair straight for Kendra’s baby shower. Megan begged for straight hair too. The girls love to dress for a party. (and what a fun party is was!)

We have straightened Shega’s hair in the past, so we knew what to do. I blew it dry and then ran the flat iron through it. It went well and she always loves the results.

Today was the first time I straightened Megan’s hair. Her hair isn’t quite as long and she is much more wiggly. The two heads of hair took most of the afternoon.

Unfortunately, the wet rainy day made quick work of undoing the ‘do.

Here are the after and "after the after" pictures.

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I feel busy this summer. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but I certainly do feel busy.

Yesterday, I left the house at 11 a.m and returned about 9:30 p.m. I brought Thomas’ sleep over friends home first. I stopped in town at my mother-in-law’s house. Megan had a dentist appointment. (I small cavity)  I did some grocery shopping and picked up something at the drug store.

Later I drove to OC to visit with the family of a former colleague who recently passed. From there, I picked up the girls and we headed to Maddie’s play. The play was awesome! Megan wanted to meet the fairy princess so we peeked backstage after the play. We gave Maddie a few hugs and some accolades too! She was a fantastic skin horse!

We got home at 9:30, did quick baths and supper and off to bed at about 10:30 p.m.

Whew! Good thing I don’t work in the summer!

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Summer has been busy. We love it. Shega, Thomas and Emma have been playing ball. Shega and Thomas’ season was over this week. I love ball season and always hate to see it end. I wish it would go on for another six weeks.

Shega was eight this week. She loved her little party. She is turning into a beautiful young lady. Here are a few of the kids at her party:


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 There was lots of wind and yes we were in the basement.

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