Emma has the new Taylor Swift CD "Speak Now".


We listened a lot on our recent road trip to Indiana. Several of the songs keep popping into my head. If it weren't for Emma, I would never listen to Taylor Swift, so it was a new experience for me. One song I liked is titled "Mean".  Here's a link to a pianist playing the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgoS6gEsm0k

Here are some of the lyrics:

You, with your words like knives, and swords and weapons that you use
against me,
You, have knocked me off my feet again, got me feeling like a nothing,
You, with your voice like nails on a chalkboard calling me out when I'm
You, picking on the weaker man.

Well you can take me down with just one single blow, But you don't
know what you don't know.

Someday, I'll be living in a big ol' city,
And all you're ever gonna be is mean.
Someday, I'll be big enough so that you can't hit me,
And all you're ever gonna be is mean.
Why you gotta be so mean?

We've had some mean things happen lately. Unfortunately, my kids have been on both ends of "mean".

One kid has been on the receiving end of mean. It is tricky to comfort a child who has been hurt by the words and actions of other kids. In fact, it incensed me so much it made me want to shake the little hooligans…I mean darlings.

Unfortunately, another one of my kids has been on the dishing side of mean.

May I just say that I think it is just as hard to be the mom of the bully as it is to be the mom of the bullied?

I just pray that they will both learn and grow through these experiences. I hope this mama can be wise enough to bring peace and love any time my kids hurt.

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