Thomas finished the seventh and last Harry Potter book tonight. He read some but not all of the series last year. He decided to begin again and to finish all seven before the premier of the new movie.

He began with book one in Sept and finished book seven tonight.

He is excited, but a bit sad to finish.

Harry Potter is loved by all four of our older kids. Joe and Thomas were good readers before Harry, but wouldn't have called themselves habitual readers. Now all four older kids read all of the time.

Emma is upstairs right now, trying to re-read book 7 before Friday.  Gotta love it when reading is an emergency!

I hope the little girls are made readers by Harry or another similarly captivating series.

Thanks Harry. We are grateful for your hand in the cultivation of a reading habit in this house and many others all over the world.

16 Responses to “Mission Accomplished”
  1. Love Harry! Yay for Thomas.

  2. Tara Kluth says:

    Last summer (2009) my husband, oldest son and I read the series. We enjoyed them a lot. My son could have finished them in about 2 weeks, but we wouldn’t let him get more than one book ahead of us. :)

  3. great job – so loved the series!!! now you have to read the hunger games trilogy, not nearly as long, but a good read (not great like HP)

  4. Impressive! I don’t think I could have read them all in that short amount of time! Enjoy the movie!

  5. Our boys love Harry too! Great job Thomas and I agree Laura…thanks Harry!

  6. Tara Kluth says:

    Lisa, thanks for the recommendation. It’s really hard to keep my Evan in books!

  7. Thomas loved the Lightning Thief books too. So did the other 3 old kids. Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa. I’ll have to look them up.
    Any other suggestions?

  8. “City of Ember” series, just three of them as well.

  9. John Bibee – The Spirit Flyer Series

  10. Your friend Lisa and I have similar taste in teen books. I read the Hunger Games trilogy and the “City of Ember” series -I think it is called “The Mortal Instruments” trilogy though. I loved them both. One slight drawback for Thomas (maybe) -both of those series have strong female main characters -they also have pretty significant strong male characters as well. Boys seem to like the Hunger Wars books.

  11. Laura,
    I’m headed to the library right now. I’ll look for a good series.

  12. Shelby built a “Harry Potter” snowman today. I’m very concerned!!

  13. Love the Harry Potter Snowman, but don’t really love the snow part!

  14. Tell me about it. It caused us (and Malm’s) to miss the game and broke down one of my favorite trees!

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