Have you ever looked back on a short period of your life and thought, "Wow! A lot has happened?"

I feel like like the overdrive is on in our lives and I can't turn it off. I keep dreaming of a living the slow life that one would imagine for a family living out on the prairie.

So then…what's up?

We'll start with the lowlights.

Steve's mom Sharon had a terrible summer. She was diagnosed with cancer in the spring and she had a tough summer. We're glad she is doing much better now. Things are definitely looking up there.

Thomas has been sick. He's not dangerously sick, just chronically sick. We've been spending much time and worry over his health. School has been stressful and he has missed a lot.  If you think of it, put both Sharon and Thomas on your prayer list.

Now some highlights!

We love having Joe and Kendra back in the USA!  They live just 20 miles from away. Kendra is working as an ELL teacher and Joe as a translator in a public health clinic. Joe is looking at grad schools offering a degree in public health.

Baby Lucy is amazing! She is very smart and acts much older than her 8 weeks. She looks around and loves to smile. She hates to be held like a babyand already has her own little personality.  It is both weird and fabulous to have a granddaughter.

Paul bought a cool little house in Iowa City. He is working on the lawn and truly making this house his home. It has been fun to see him become a home owner. 

Emma is a senior and is choosing a college. Scary but true! One recent November she was the smartest, cutest baby girl around!  I can't believe that was eighteen Novembers ago.

Shega is doing well in third grade. She is funny and cute and has lots of friends. She is at a birthday party today. One o'clock could not come soon enough for her today.

Megan is in preschool. She'll be in kindergarten next year and I'm sure soon after that I'll be college shopping with her. Time flies when you're having fun.

Both Steve and I are blessed with good jobs and busy professional lives. When things are going smoothly it is very possible to enjoy a pace of life that is manageable and enjoyable. However, when there's a glitch in the plans (like sick kid, travel or extra job responsibilities), the scramble can be overwhelming.

This post is way too long.  I'll stop now!

Teach us to number our days aright,

that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Ps 90:12


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  1. Jim Kluth says:

    Read your blog post. It’s so true for us, too, that we would like not to be in overdrive all the time. How does this happen??

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