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The kids had a great time hanging out at the Tulip Festival this year. Megan found a beautiful Ethiopian Dutchman to play on the swings with. Shega performed in a play with her drama class. (By the way, we had a total wardrobe war over those flowered shorts. I won the battle, but I’m guessing she will win the war. Does anyone want a cute, barely worn, purple flowered pair of shorts in size 8?)

Drama class has been great for Shega. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thomas and his cousins ran around enjoying the sights.

Steve and I just enjoyed hanging out enjoying the beautiful weather and the awesome food.

Here are some pictures of the fun.

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Megan is sick today. She is hardly ever sick. She ran a temp last night and woke up with a temp today. She broke my heart just a bit this morning.

I was holding her. We were watching Diego while I was taking her temperature. I said, "What is Diego doing?"

She answered, "He is helping a sick baby whale find her mama."

She went on to add, "When I was a sick baby in Ethiopia, Diego could have helped me find my mama."


Poor baby. I can’t promise that I will always be here, but I know the one who "Will never leave you or forsake you."

I pray each day for Him to make Himself very real to Megan and all of my kids.

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Blogging is getting to be a Saturday morning tradition.

It seems I am blogging less and less. It might be be my facebook farm. Yep! It’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to real farming. This week has been a bit busy and my facebook crops withered twice. I guess I’m not much of a farmer!

Graduation is today. We are sending another great crop of super teachers out into the world. I wish the job market was a little better for them. State budget cuts are causing many teachers to lose their jobs.

I’m not attending graduation today. We are cheering for the Red Raiders baseball team instead. They have made an amazing run through the GPAC conference tournament. They have to win once today to go to the nationals. The same team will have to beat them twice. We were huddled next to our computer until near midnight last night to hear them pull off a bottom of the 9th victory. I hope they win a little more easily today. It’s pretty cold in Mitchell, SD, but we packed blankets and coats. It should be fun.

Some of you know that Steve’s mom, Sharon has been sick. She had a tough winter, but wasn’t diagnosed until a few weeks ago. We now know she is dealing with multiple myeloma. She is doing much better. She has started her chemo and is handling it well.  On this Mothers’ Day weekend as always, we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Kendra and Joe are living with grandma. Joe is doing some translating at a medical clinic and Kendra is doing some work at Megan’s daycare. They are both sending out resumes and applications. We are praying that the Lord makes their paths straight. Kendra is an elementary and PE teacher and Joe is hoping for something in human resources. They are both hoping that their bi-lingal skills will help them rise above some of the other applicants. If anyone out there has any leads on positions for either of them, just drop us a note!

For now, it is nice to know that someone is with Sharon most of the time. They can help her with some household tasks and just be there if she needs something. She spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and during her last stay had some work done to stabilize her spine. The procedures made a difference. Her pain is much better and she is getting stronger daily.

The baby had a doctors’ appointment this week ,complete with an ultrasound. They were able to see a picture of the baby and she is beautiful. What a fun mothers day this will be for Kendra. Happy Mothers’ Day to both my mother-in-law and my daughter-in-law. Here is a picture of Joe and Kendra’s beautiful baby girl


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I’m in a bit of a mood.

The girls were up too early. My house is too messy. I have too much grading to do. The cat is missing the cat box. There are too many weeds on the yard…….

Are you ever in a mood?

How do you get out?

I should be enjoying the smell of cinnamon rolls in the kitchen; the sounds of Megan singing "Don’t be wasting your emotion. Lay all your love on me;"  Shega’s anticipation of having a friend over.

Megan is accompanying her "Mamma Mia" songs on the piano, too busy to get dressed for the day.

I think a cinnamon roll and a giant cup of coffee will help.



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What’s up?

The girls are up…..very early…..and very lively.

What’s up?

I’m up.


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