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Thanks Tressa (and family) for spending 3 hours working on Megan’s hair yesterday.

It looks awesome!!!


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One of our kiddos thought she was going to get an invitation to a birthday party recently. Each night for four days, she begged to stay home in case the phone would ring. It never did.

On the night before the party she wanted me to call the birthday girl’s mom just to make sure we hadn’t missed the call.

On the day of the party, she wanted to bring a gift…just in case.

I waited for her to get off the bus that day. She walked into the house softly sobbing. It was finally safe to cry.  The birthday girl told her that even though she wanted my girl to come, there would be,  "No more changing the list."

After school, the birthday girl’s mom stood in the hall gathering the party goers while the uninvited passed by on their way to their lockers and out the door to the bus.

Rejection is tough for little girls. It’s even tough for a mama.


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We have been busy cooking. We don’t have many commitments in the evening in the spring, so it’s a good time to try new recipes. We’ve been putting a bit extra on to cook as well. Grandma Heits isn’t feeling well, so we try to bring something her way occasionally too. 

Last night, I decided to make a broccoli and chicken casserole. I thought I’d double the batch and save some for left over lunching. This project turned out to be a little bigger than I thought.

It all started with a trip to the grocery store. I decided to choose a whole chicken, rather than boneless skinless chicken breasts. I thought, "A whole chicken is 70 cents per lb. cheaper than the breast. I can certainly pick a whole chicken! A large chicken will make two casseroles easily."

I rushed home and put the chicken on to cook. I was in a hurry because I had promised to be at Grandma Heits’ house on time. I mixed the broccoli with the rest of the ingredients, and pulled the cooked chicken out of the pot.

Picking that chicken turned into a major project. Did you know that every time a chicken picker is interrupted, it requires that chicken picker to wash her hands? Let’s just say, I had many reasons to wash my hands.

Megan pulled up a chair, intending to help. I washed my hands and got her situated with a leg to bone. Each time Megan needed to take a break, I needed to wash her hands and mine. The cat jumped on the counter, determined to see what was up. Removing the cat required two washings; one before picking up the cat with chicken hands and one before picking up the chicken with cat hands. I locked the cat in the basement continuing with the job. Soon Megan needed a break… order the let the cat out of the basement.

The phone rang several times during the chicken pickin’ episode. Both of my big boys called to check in. My wonderful hubby called to see if he could help. I refrained from responding, "You can HELP by NOT calling while I’m picking a chicken!"

Eventually the chicken was picked, the casserole was made and delivered and everyone ate well. A good job done, I guess.

Guess what I did tonight?!? 

Steve picked up injera yesterday. He bought 10 lbs of chicken hind quarters for dorowat and put it on to cook over night.  Yep! I spent my after school hours picking that chicken! We do love a good Ethiopian meal even when it requires picking a cooked chicken to the bone.

The food was delicious and we have lots of left overs. However, please don’t be offended when I say,

I want it to be a very long time before I choose to pick another FREAKIN" CHICKEN!

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Welcome Kendra, Joe and baby Heits!

On the day following my last "not much happening" post, MUCH happened!

Paul was home for the weekend. I thought it odd because it was Palm Sunday and not Easter. I thought it odder when he drove all the way from Iowa City picked up Emma and headed to Sioux Falls to go to Falls Park and the Pizza Ranch in Sioux Falls for lunch.

However, I never had a single inkling of the surprise that was in store for me after the Palm Sunday church service!!

The entire family preceded Megan and I out of the car and into the house. When we walked in, all eyes were on us. It took me a moment to realize that Joe and Kendra were sitting at my kitchen table. I don’t remember much about my reaction, but I do know that tears and hugs followed shortly after the jaw dropping surprise.

They have returned! They return after 14 months of happy service in the Peace Corps. They return with the proverbial Paraguayan Peace-Corps made, "bun in the oven".

We couldn’t be happier for them…and for us. We are going to be grandparents!  WOO HOO!

Welcome to this crazy family, little one!

Here’s a link to Kendra’s telling of the story! 


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