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I don’t have much news lately. We are quickly and quietly easing into spring. We talked to Joe on skype this week from Paraguay. He says that it is now cool enough in Paraguay at night to use a blanket. A welcome change on both sides of the equator.

Joe and Kendra have now been in Paraguay for about 14 months. It is amazing to think that I haven’t seen them for well over a year. They are more than half-way through their term of service and expect to be back in the states somewhere around May 1 of 2011.

I rarely worry about them. I trust that they enjoy their work and are doing well. I do miss them frequently. I miss them especially on holidays. They’ll be missed again this year when we hide and seek Easter eggs.

It was fun to see that they updated their blog with their current work. I especially loved seeing the pictures of the kids at school opening the books sent by Thomas’ school, Barb’s women’s clubs, Grandma H and others. Seeing the kids with the books makes it so much more real to me. Thank you to all who helped.

I bought Easter dresses for the little girls and an Easter outfit for Thomas. They looked so cute (and they were clean), so I quickly made an appointment to have their picture taken at a local electronics store. Since Emma didn’t get a new Easter dress (I should see if I could dig out an old Easter bonnet for her) I made her wear her prom dress. The pictures turned out great. If any of you would like to see them, you can go to the following link:

password:  boyden

Thanks for checking in.

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We had a little excitement around here recently.

Megan put a bead, (the kind I use to bead her hair) in her nose. She pushed that little thing WAY up into the recesses of her nostril.

We tried several methods for bead removal without success. Eventually, we decided we would have to make the trip to urgent care when Shega decided to take matters into her own hands.

Shega decided that the best way to remove the bead was to make Megan sneeze. Since I was busy hunting for the insurance card, I’m not sure what Shega did to make that child blow, but blow she did. Out came the bead!

Whew! That saved us a nice co-pay plus deductible!

Why do kids put things in their noses? I am NEVER tempted to insert objects into my nostril. I hope none of you are either. Apparent, according to Megan, it doesn’t feel very good!


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I had spring break last week. It wasn’t all that springy around here. In fact, it was drizzly, foggy and cold, but the break was wonderful.

We took the weekend and made a quick trip to Iowa City.We stopped at the state championship basketball games in Des Moines to watch a couple of local teams win their champonships. We headed on to IC to a hotel. The hotel had a nice pool and slide and the kids enjoyed hanging around having fun. It was wonderful to see most of the family on Saturday night. While we were there, we grabbed Paul’s pictures of the trip to Paraguay. I’m planning to make a photo book for him. I already have Emma’s pics and I’ll grab a few of Joe and Kendra’s if they post them online. The book will be Paul’s birthday present.

The big story was that we forgot to "spring forward" while we were on our break. We didn’t go to church on Sunday and had no reason to fret at all about the time on Sunday. We left IC around noon and arrived home early in the evening.  When we woke up on Monday morning, Shega’s bus was honking on the yard. OOPS! Our clock said 6:30 a.m. That was a bit of a shock! 

Last night, Steve and I sneaked off to watch the Red Raiders win a national championship. Now basketball season really is over.

Today it is sunny and warm. At 7:30 the sun is just setting. Daylight savings time will be just fine with us, once we get used to getting up in the dark again.

Thomas woke up with a fever yesterday. He didn’t want to miss the math bee where teams from surrounding towns go to a central location to take math tests. (Who would possibly WANT to be sick for such an occasion! ) He took some pain reliever and got it together enough to earn a medal. He’s been walking around sporting a calculator medal today. What could be better!

Shega’s ear has been hurting and draining for the past few days. We have been faithful with the drops, but it just won’t stop. She had a bit of a fever last night, so I took both Thomas and Shega to the doctor today. Shega is on an oral antibiotic and drops. The doctor said Thomas just has a virus. I hope we’re better here in time to enjoy some of this spring weather.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Megan wore green today even though she just stayed home with the sick kids. At the doctor’s office she said, "I better not take off my green jacket or a stranger will pinch me!" 

I think she should have been more concerned about her siblings pinching her, but you never know. She is mighty pinchable! If she takes off that green jacket, I might even pinch her cute little cheeks myself.


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Emma and Paul are home.

They flew back as far as Chicago together. Thomas and I picked up Emma at the Omaha airport.

I loved the trip back home. Listening to the traveling stories just warmed my heart. I am so glad those four have these shared memories. They’ll always remember when……

  • Kendra and Joe were so mad at a border passport stamper that they could hardly find satisfying words in Spanish to share. It sounds like their tone of voice sufficed.
  • Emma and Paul took turns sleeping at night on the leaky air mattress.
  • Emma and Paul were amazed watching Joe make homemade tortillas.
  • All four of them loved watching the kids at school look through the books sent from friends and family in the US.
  • With one sweep of the eye they could see Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina through a rainbow mist left by the amazing Iguazu Falls.

It is incredibly satisfying for this mom to hear witness of my kids enjoying time together. 

Welcome back. We’re glad you’re home, but we’re sure glad you went!


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Actually, this was a very long February. I am so glad it is finally ending. Maybe spring will come and free us from the house.

Emma made it to Paraguay. I’m so pleased that our three big kids are together again. She will be staying there for a week and flying home with Paul. Joe and Kendra are 13 months into a 27 month commitment to the Peace Corps. They are nearly half-way through their commitment.

We were hoping for a trip to the state basketball tournament with the Comet boys team when Emma returns on Sunday. It wasn’t to be. The Rockets will be going instead. I’m sure they will represent the conference well, but I sure wish it was us!

I stayed home from the game with the two little girls. They played dress-up. Here are the results.


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