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Lindsey, my teacher assistant at NWC came up with the idea to sell t-shirts for Haiti. She designed a t-shirt with the idea of selling a few and giving the profit to an organization working in Haiti.

Another student, Drew heard about it. He was eager to help. The project grew! Now we are planning a "Hope for Haiti" black-out night.

I’m not sure how it will work, but we are hoping to sell around 300 shirts. We’re hoping to find sponsors who will buy the inventory so all of the money will go to Haiti.

So far, I’ve found 4 sponsors who are each planning to buy 20 shirts for us to sell. We’re selling them for $10.

I’ll post more about the organization we are serving when I can figure out how to post a short video.

If you are interested in helping us out, you can buy a shirt or two, or sponsor us by buying inventory for us to sell.

Inventory costs $50 for 10 shirts. (We will send you one, and we’ll sell the others.)

$90 will buy 20 shirts for us to sell. (We’ll send you two shirts as a thank you.)

If you would just like to buy one shirt without the extra donation, that will set you back (and Haiti forward) just $10.

Checks can be made out to NWC Education Club.

E-mail me at laura    @    NWCIOWA.  edu (without the spaces)

Here’s the shirt!

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Our little girl slept last night. Is it too much to ask for two nights in a row? Maybe that’s just being greedy. We’ll know in about ten hours.

When the girls came home from Ethiopia three years ago, we knew that we may need to get used to waking up in the night once again.  Thomas was nine years old, and it had been years since we were wakened by a needy child in the night.  Shega, at four, struggled to fall asleep at first. It is hard to relax when your whole life has been turned up-side-down! Megan, at 12 months, was still a baby and was used to waking up in the night. In fact, when Megan was still in the care center in Ethiopia, she woke up 4 – 5 times each night, according to the paperwork we received when we were there.

I decided that I would use any time that I was awake in the night to pray.  I certainly had a lot of time to pray during that first year. Shega needed me to lay with her until she slept. Megan needed to be rocked and comforted in the night. Steve and I were both up a lot and I my prayer life was well attended to.

During the past year, both girls slept well. Until recently, we were rarely needed in the night. I am not sure what happened to Megan over the past month. She simply isn’t sleeping well at all. My prayer life has suffered since I have been sleeping the whole night through.

I do hope that the old addage, "This too shall pass" comes true quickly. It’s not that I don’t need the prayer time, its just that I’m getting too old or out of practice to pray coherently in the middle of the night.

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Desperado. Why don’t you come to your senses?

Our little miss was up from 1 – 5:30 a.m. last night.

Let somebody love you baby!

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The Lord: Yahweh. The Eternal. Jehovah. I Am. The self-Existent One. The God of forever and ever.

Is: Not will be one day. Not someday. Not was a long time ago. Is now, at this very moment—as I draw each breath, as I take each step, as I face each circumstance of life.

My: Not just someone else’s. Not just the missionary’s. Not just the people in the Bible. Personal God. My God. Knowing me intimately, watching me carefully, loving me fully.

Shepherd: The One who tends, keeps, guards, guides. The Good Shepherd; The Great Shepherd. The One who leads. The One who feeds. Life giver. Care giver. Watching every moment; protecting in every situation; providing every need. Laying down His life. Giving His all. Seeking me. Carrying me. Holding me close.

I: His hand is on me. I am the apple of His eye. I am His beloved. I am His child. I am His possession. I belong to Him. I am in His hands. I am in His thoughts. I am on His heart.

Shall Not: Never! Not once! Not in any circumstance; not in any trial; not at any age. I am certain, sure, persuaded, unmistaken, absolutely confident of His “Yes” to me.

Want:  He is my supply. He is my provider. He is my provision. I shall not come up empty, find out that I have been forsaken. In Him, my Lord, my God, my Shepherd, I find no lack.

I received this from a friend this morning. It blessed me. I thought I would share.

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It was a long snow day again yesterday. Initially, Steve said he would drive me to work in his pickup and then he would go to work. He went out on a road check and unfortunately got stuck before he got to a blacktop. It took a tractor and another pickup to pull him out.

He called and told Thomas where he was stuck and that he was going to be walking to a neighbor. I wasn’t too excited about him stomping through snowdrifts with his new(ish) hip, so I called that neighbor and told him to look for him. By the time they got their snow clothes and gloves on, Steve was there.

Once Steve got home, we decided to get busy with home projects. We cleaned the basement and fixed the walls in Megan’s room. Steve and Emma primed the walls and ceilings. Her room has old paneling on two walls and the other two were papered. Even the ceiling was papered. Now it is primed and ready for the next step.  I hope we will soon find time to paint it. Maybe we can hope for another snow day (NOT!)

Megan was so tired after her very early morning that she took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon. I detangled and braided her hair in the evening and she was tired enought to sleep all night too. I hope the blizzard scared those bugs away permanently!

I already see the sun! It is going to be a good day.

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Megan was up at 4:30 a.m. insisting that there were bugs in the room. I changed her sheets, got her a drink and said, "Shoo" to the bugs.

She was back down at 5 insisting that Daddy get the bugs out of the room. She doesn’t  trust my bug removal skills.

Daddy went upstairs and shooed the bugs away too.

She was just unable to relax with all of those imaginary bugs in the room. She never went back to sleep. Since she now "sleeps" in Shega’s room, Shega had a really short night too.

The girls were downstairs at 6:30 a.m. fully dressed for school.

Too bad it’s a snow day. No school again! It would have been a perfect day to sleep in a bit.

I guess there’s plenty of time for a nap today. I hope those bugs go outslde in the snow. The way the wind is blowing, they would quickly be blown south, where it is likely warm and they could stay outside instead of keeping some precious little girl up all night!



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Shega must be learning about black history at school. She has come home with a few stories lately.

Shega asked,  "Mom. Did you know that your ‘aunt-cestors’ kept my ‘aunt-cestors’ as slaves?"

I answered with a long explanation about Africa and slaves and a little US history. I told that indeed white people in the US had kept African Americans as slaves. Then I went on to explain that actually her ancestors were in Ethiopia at that time and that her ancestors weren’t actually ever slaves.

She said, "Yes! Yes they were! I am brown and brown people were slaves and you are white and white people were mean."

I said, "Wow! Who told you that?"

She said, "Luke! He knows everything!"

After a bit more explaning which she listened  to intently, she said, "What is an aunt-cestor anyway?"

Perhaps she’ll go back to school and tell Luke a thing or two about aunts or ants, but likely not much about ancestors.




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This is the season of short nights!

Usually, we think of the heart of winter as the days of long nights. Unfortunately, Megan is proving that it is indeed possible to have very short nights during the middle of winter.

Poor Shega is a passenger on the no sleep train. Last night, I eventually had to move the little miss out of big sister’s room.

Maybe tonight will be better.

Sleep baby girl!


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Please go to sleep little baby!

Megan is struggling to find sleep lately. Her parents are feeling cranky and old due to sleep deprivation.

We are hoping that a new little bed tucked into Shega’s room will be just the ticket to a full night of rest for little Miss Megan.

We gave the bed a test run Sunday night. Unfortunately, Miss Megan decided that 4:30 a.m. was morning for both girls. Poor Shega must have had a tough time keeping her eyes open in school yesterday. We did everything we could to coax the girls back to sleep, but they just couldn’t find their way back to lullaby land. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Megan fell asleep the minute I put her in her carseat for the trip to school. Twenty minutes later, I had to wake her up, carry her into school and drop her right into morning circle time! She stumbled onto the reading rug barely coherent. Her teacher said she went right to sleep at nap time.

Miss Megan woke Mom and Dad at 5 a.m this morning. Fortunately, Shega missed this wake-up call and snored on for two more hours.

We are hoping for at least 6 tomorrow! If we set the bar low, maybe we’ll have a happy surprise.

Pleasant dreams little one.


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Thomas is twelve!

Last week the kids got out of school at noon on Wednesday and didn’t have school Thursday or Friday. By Friday afternoon, we were getting pretty housebound. We called a few of Thomas’ friends and asked them to come over for an impromtu birthday party.

The snow plow hadn’t been everywhere yet, but we gave it a go with the van. One of Thomas’ friends lives really close to us, but we had to go several miles out of the way to get to his house on plowed roads. I got stuck twice right by his house! It was a good thing I had four twelve year olds in the car to push.

Happy Birthday Thomas! You’re the best!


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Merry Ethiopian Christmas!

We had a great time celebrating the Ethiopian Christmas with families and friends tht have an Ethiopian Christmas.

Good food and good fellowship was had by all.

Thanks Doug and Lisa.

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The kids had an early out yesterday and a snow day today. The wind is blowing and the house is cold.

We have been cooking all morning. We made sausage and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch, a roast for supper and Steve is working on dorowat for an Ethiopian Christmas party on Saturday. The house smells delicious.

Emma and I took down Megan’s crib this morning. She hasn’t been sleeping in it for awhile, but it still occupied some space in her room and was the repository for many stuffed animals, toys and blankets.  I am now deciding whether to keep the crib for grandkids, or to get rid of it. Steve says keep it. There is plenty of room in the attic for storage. Emma says to get rid of it. The grandkids can sleep in the big beds. Hmmmm. I think I’ll blog while I decide.

I finished a new hairstyle for Megan yesterday. The poor kiddo is so tenderheaded. I am sorry for her. I started taking out her little braids on Sunday. I gave her a hot oil treatment and did most of the detangling on Monday. I detangled and braided again last night. This morning she asked me to take out one of her braids because it was in too tight and was pulling at her head. I’ve got it out, but not in again. This is the everlasting hair-do.

Her last set of braids lasted from Thanksgiving weekend until today. I hope these last half as long.

Time to decide what to do with that crib…..hmmmm! They certainly do grow up fast. This week she is out of the crib, and next week she’ll probably need her own apartment.

Pretty soon all of the stuff I am saving for sometime or somebody is going to crowd me out of my house.

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Megan sometimes   has her own ideas about things, Last night, Steve was patiently getting her dressed for bed and tucked in.

She disagreed with him about her night clothes and said, "DAD! Why do you have to be so controlling!"

That Daddy is such a control freak!

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Kendra and Joe sent Christmas gifts from Paraguay. Kendra learned to knit and knitted gifts for each one. They shopped for some special handicrafts for grandparents too. They included notes to accompany each gift.

It was great fun to think of them in a tangible way at each of the celebrations.

We love you Joe and Kendra!

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Happy Christmas, or Merry New Year!

The snow kept the extended Heits family from getting together on Christmas Day, so we celebrated today.

It turned out to be a good thing that we used the artificial tree this year. It lasted all of this time without posing a fire hazard.

Megan has been adding her own special touches to the Christmas displays. Take a look at the pictures below. You may notice her work.

Welcome to the New Year.

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