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I typically leave my car keys in my ignition. We just don’t have a problem with car theft here in our little town. Yesterday I ran Emma and Megan to the doctor. Emma had a sore throat (just a virus) and Megan had a patch on her head that I was concerned about (just dandruff). Anyway, the appointment took a long time. I was in a hurry to get back home to take Shega to her ball game. However, when I got back to the car, my keys were missing.

Since I always leave the keys in the ignition, I looked there first. No keys! I looked under the flaps, in the drink holders, in the gas thingy (HOW would they get in THERE!)

Reluctantly, we trudged back into the doctor’s office and searched high and low in the office. Finally, I gave up.  I called Grandma to pick up Shega and was about to call Steve to pick us up, when this little old  man in the waiting room said, "Maam! Are these your keys?" He pulled my keys from his pocket. " I just took a nap in my daughter’s car and wondered why she would leave the keys in the ignition, so I put them in my pocket."


He said, "I’m from California and people don’t leave car keys in the ignition in California."

I resisted the urge to say, "I’m from Iowa where old men from California rarely take naps in other people’s cars and then put the keys in their pockets!"

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Megan and Shega love Radio Disney. Megan often sings along with the tunes.

Today she asked me to turn it up. Here’s our conversation:

Megan: TURN IT UP! I said, TURN IT UP!

Me: I may have to turn it off if you keep acting like that!

Megan:  I am NOT acting!!!


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Megan is often a mini celebrity when we are out and about. We are out a lot right now. Last night we went to Emma’s game and then straight to Thomas’ game. One night this week we went from Shega’s game to Emma’s game to Thomas’ game.  People everywhere know Megan and want to engage her in conversation or fun. Sometimes there are just too many people getting in Megan’s personal space.

In fact, Little Miss Megan has not been dealing with celebrity status well at all. Sometimes she smiles and plays along but sometimes she growls. I’m planning to stay quite close to her  for awhile just in case those growls turn to bites!

I think I may need to design a sign to pin to her back. It might say:


Child inside this shirt may not be as cute as she looks.

I’m sorry if you have been on the receiving end of her growls lately. I certainly hope its a phase!

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We had a wonderful time at the wedding! The girls loved the dancing, the food and the hotel swimming pool. Thomas loved hanging with the cousins and chatting up the uncles.

It was a joy to help celebrate the wedding of two wonderful people.

We hope the lovely couple is enjoying their time in Las Vegas.

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Shega had a ball game. She seemed to have a clue! Some of the girls did not have a clue, but Shega definitely had a clue. I can’t wait to see her play again.

Thomas had a ball game. We had a little problem, though. We drove to the opponent’s town about 20 miles away and dropped him off at the ball field. We were a bit early, but hadn’t had supper, so Steve and I and the girls hurried to the gas station for subs and mini-pizzas.

About twenty minutes later, we went back to the diamond. Poor Thomas was wandering around in the parking lot waiting for our return. It was a HOME game! There were no other red Jerseys there.  By the time we got back to our field, the game was in the third inning. It was a good thing this was a double header and he got to play in game 2.

Ahh well! The sandwiches were good to eat on the way.

Tonight, Emma had a ball game. Emma’s team faced Kendra’s sister, Toni’s team. Kendra and Joe were there last year when the girls teams met. We missed them this year.

Here are some pictures of the night. Emma and Toni left a spot for you, Kendra!

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I always hate it when parents talk about being busy. It always seems like some sort of weird competition. However, here we go! It’s the same song, next verse!

Emma is playing ball. She is catching again this year. She had four games this week. We really enjoy softball, so we try to get to all of her games. Each time we pack the car to go, Megan says, "Is Emma’s game outside?" She hates gym noise, especially the band and the buzzer. She loves the outside games and does pretty well, for about five innings. We won’t talk about what happens in innings six and seven.

Thomas had his first games this week too. He hit a triple in his first at bat. We let him call his brothers in Paraguay and Iowa City to report.

Shega had practice every day this week. She has her first game on Monday. She can’t wait!

Shega and Thomas had Bible School every evening this week. Shega loved it. Thomas seemed to like it too.

Shega and I started summer school this week. I am supervising the student teachers who are the program’s teachers. Shega attends the afternoon session. We have great teachers this year! As an added advantage, the district’s reading specialist is having all of the kids comlete "Read Naturally" training at their level each day. It’s going great.

To top off the week, I had to spend Thursday and Friday in Des Moines for meetings, so I should definitely not complain about ME being busy. I think super dad has been pretty busy. I think he finishes right at the front of the weird busy mom contest.

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