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Megan insists on praying aloud before every evening meal.  She becomes quite annoyed if anyone interrupts her. Here’s her prayer this evening:

Dear Jesus

It’s my birthday and me and Lily are going to be three together and I am going to make cookies and I am going to sing at daycare school.


May all her birthday wishes come true!

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How low can you go!

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Conversation with Megan

Megan: Where’s Mobama’s sisters?

Me: Who?

Megan: Mobama’s SISTERS!!! Mobama has two brown sisters!

I guess she has noticed Sasha and Malia, just like the rest of the world!

Conversation with Shega……

Shega: Everyone says that President Obama is black, but he’s not, is he.

Me: Yes, he is. President Obama is our first black president.

Shega: No he’s not black! He’s brown… me!

Yep! He’s brown, just like you!

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Thomas hosted  a sleepover here Friday night. It was a bit late for his birthday, but still in the same month. He invited 8 boys to spend the night. When added to the two little girls and one eleven year old boy that actually live here, that’s a lot of kids!

We needed two cars to drive them all to the pool for the evening. (Thanks Grandma!)  We picked up pizza on the way and fed them there.  The little boys were so nice to the two little girls. It was awesome to see all of the 10 and 11 year old boys including one little six and almost three year old in their play. (Maybe their brother will watch and learn!)

The best part of this sleepover was that the kids actually slept….all night!

Here’s the trick! The boys had their first ever basketball game scheduled for Saturday morning.  I said to them, “I want everyone settled down and ready for sleep by 11:00. They answered, “ELEVEN!?!  We think we should be sleeping by 10:30!”

Let every sleepover from here on actually deserve the word “sleep” in the title!

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Thomas didn’t have school today. The girls did. The buses were to run on hard surface roads only.

Here’s my note to the superintendent:

I just wanted to state my objection to the transportation plan.

 It just doesn’t seem wise to send moms in mini-vans and teenagers with teen cars where experienced bus drivers with high clearance buses don’t feel safe.

 I’m sure you know that things are not as they used to be. Very few farm families actually have dad on the farm with a tractor or a 4-wheel drive vehicle at the ready.

 When this situation last occurred, we sent Emma around the neighborhood picking up kids to bring to school. I now realize that was a foolish decision, but seemed the best way at the time. After Emma’s accident this week, I feel very differently about it. Hind sight is often sharper than foresight.

 Steve will bring Emma to school as soon as he can get back home.

 I would like to request that her absence today not be recorded as such.

The superintendent was very nice, but said the plan would remain in effect for the future and I should call some neighbors to see if they would be willing to pick up my kids. hmmmmm!

After thinking about Emma’s difficulty keeping her wheels on the road once this week, I decided to keep her home today!

 See full size imageSee full size imageSee full size imageSee full size image

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Miss Emma went “wheels up” in the snow storm yesterday. She’s ok, her passenger is ok, but the car needs a little TLC at the body shop. She’s going to have to take the bus to school for awhile.

Joe got stuck in the snowstorm last night. Dad drove through the storm to pull him out. I bet Joe and Kendra can’t wait to get to Paraguay, where it is summer!

Maybe the rest of us can sneak along!

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Thomas is 11! We hardly saw him on his birthday. He was invited to someone else’s birthday over night last night. He is staying with his cousins for a sleep-over tonight. Joe and Kendra are taking the crew sledding tomorrow.

We’ll celebrate the birthdays tomorrow with my dad, who turned 86 today. Thomas was Grampa’s 75th birthday present.

I pray that Thomas will grow up and contribute as much to the world and his family as his birthday twin has.

Happy Birthday Thomas and Gramps!

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Megan was having a mini-meltdown at the ballgame tonight. A woman whose children are out of the house said, “Better you than me!’

I hate that when people say that. 

I always want to answer, “Yep! It sure is!”

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Today is Christmas in Ethiopia. Ethiopians has its own calendar. Christmas, or Genna is on January 7.

Gifts are not a major part of the celebration. Ethiopians typically have a meal together and play games. Ironically, we took our Christmas tree down today. We didn’t celebrate Genna, but hope to celebrate Timkat, or the Ethiopian epiphany.

Although no gifts were exchanged today, my very favorite Ethiopian Christmas gifts are with me every day.

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My girls listen to high school musical songs all of the time. They LOVE to sing along. It is so funny to hear little Miss Megan singing her heart out to her favorite song, “The Boys Are Back”. She doesn’t hear all of the lyrics just right. She sings, “The Boys Are Bad!”

Maybe things are about to change. Today, Shega said, “I don’t think I like High School Musical anymore.”

Me: Really?  Why not?

Shega: MOM! I’m six, you know!

I’ll bet the High School Musical folks didn’t realize just how low their target audience would be!

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We had a great time at the Heits party. The whole crew gathered at Grandma’s for cards, food and gifts. Megan did just fine with her broken collarbone. She even managed the carseat well.

Among other things, Megan received a Hannah Montana guitar Christmas ornament. It has been pretty funny to see her strumming the 5 inch guitar while listening to Hannah Montana on Youtube!

Paul and Joe loved playing cards with the uncles and aunts. The little kids loved running around having fun. It was a really fun day!

The weekend was devoted to the Dyk’s party. For beginners, we took the kids to the pool on Saturday afternoon. Megan did really well with her broken collarbone. It must be healing nicely. Shega loved playing with her cousin, Anna.

One interesting thing happened at the pool. After swimming, I was helping Shega get dressed. There was another family of 4 whose mom was dressing one kid at a time. The other kids were supposed to sit on the bench and wait. Wellllll…………. it was obvious that these kids had never seen an Ethiopian kiddo up close. They were determined to watch her get dressed. They stared and moved for a better angle. Shega didn’t seem to notice, but Anna was a bit freaked out. She quickly got a towel and held it up to shield Shega as I finished helping her get dressed.

My teacher instincts prompted me to say, “Staring is rude. Mind your manners, please!” I should have. I didn’t, because their mama was right there. I can think of a few things I should have said to the mama, but none of them would be socially acceptable!

Other than that brief interlude, we had lots of fun! All of my siblings were at the party and most of my nieces and nephews were there too.

We stayed at the hotel, even though we were less than 25 miles from home. I did have to take Megan home to her own bed in the middle of the night. The group sleep thing wasn’t working for her. This morning we went back to the hotel, said our good-byes and headed home.

Tonight we had the last breath of Christmas. Shega and Thomas had their re-scheduled Christmas program at church. Shega was beautiful! They both knew their lines and it was a fun way to finish the break.

Shega came home and packed her bag for school tomorrow. She can’t wait to get back to the schedule. The rest of us are ok with it too!

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We finally finished the season of celebrating. We had a really nice holiday.

On New Years Eve, we traveled to Worthington to the Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant. I still can’t believe how much the kiddos ate. Shega must have almost eaten her weight in dorowat! At night we went swimming and some of the Heits cousins stayed for a sleep-over. Check out the photos below. I have to admit that our kiddos were safely tucked in their beds. Steve and I were sleeping comfortably on our beds too. Apparently the guests were just left to find a place to lay their heads. Emma found Josh asleep on the computer chair. She snapped a couple of pictures, which woke him up enough for him to wander a few feet before he  spread eagled on the carpet. I’ll bet he slept well the next night!

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