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Last weekend Thomas and I (Steve) went to the Black Hills for a weekend retreat with NWC students, faculty, and staff.  We had a great time - relaxing and refreshing.  Do we have a future president amoung us?

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We often call Megan “Megidee”. In the care center, the nannies called her Mekidee and we just morphed it a bit. I like to sing a little song with her on the way to daycare. It goes like this:

Megidee, Megidee, Megan

Shegidee, Shegidee, Shega

Megidee, Megidee, Mega

Shegidee, Shegidee, Shega

(YES! I made up those amazing lyrics!)

Megan likes to be called Megidee. She must think of it as a term of endearment. This morning, Emma got her out of bed. Megan was so happy to see her, she said, “You’re my Emmadee!”

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Tonight was the homecoming game. Shega got to ride the golfcart as a homecoming page. She was eager to get fixed up a bit after school. She found a summer dress and picked a hair style from the Yahoo hair group. Luckily, she picked an easy style. she wanted some flat twists and two strand hanging twists. She went to the game with a wet head, but it dried nicely. I forgot the camera, so no picture this time.

I had a funny conversation with Shega on the way home from the game. Shega doesn’t like the dark. She said, “What if the lights don’t work at home and the moon is dark too? What if your computer doesn’t work either?”

She went on about that a little while and then she said, “If your computer doesn’t work, you would get fired wouldn’t you?” Then she added, “It would be ok if you were fired because then you could have time to relax.”

I told her that if I were fired I would need to look for another job. Then she said, “I know!  Why don’t you get a job in food service.” (Where did she get that word from?!?) 

She said, “I KNOW! Maybe daddy could buy the school and he could be the principal and you could be a lunch lady!?!? That is a great idea, isn’t it?!?!”

I’m not sure what would be relaxing about being a lunch lady! I think I’d rather be the principal!

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Shega was chosen as the royal page for homecoming this year. The pep club votes for two first grade kids to bear the crowns and be involved in the celebration. She and a first grade boy were picked. Both first graders did very well. Shega was a lovely page to a beautiful homecoming queen named Kari. It was definitely a night to remember!

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We went back to the Ethiopian Restaurant, Lalibela. Shega loves injera and wat. Megan always looks for the egg from the dorowat. The food was fabulous!

Shega enjoys visiting with some of the other patrons in the restaurant. Someone always asks her name. When she replies, they nod and say, “Shega! That means nice, or lovely!” She loves that!

The best part of this particular trip was that we met the VanVoorsts at the restaurant. Our girls loved visiting with the babies (and their older siblings!) Megan and CindyLou are the best of friends and they enjoyed having the complete run of the place. There were several Ethopians in the restaurant who enjoyed getting to meet the babies. We had a very good time!

After dinner, we went to Target. We definitely had less fun hauling three kids around in Target.

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I thought I smelled the familiar smell, so I said, “Megan! Is there a turd in your panty?”

Megan answered, “NO! It’s just a stink bomb!”

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Thomas and I enjoy watching “Funniest Home Videos” reruns. It’s definitely low brow, but we giggle our way through it. At the end of the show, the host always says something like, “Send in your video. You could win $10,000 in cash.” Here’s our conversation:

Thomas: Winning cash is way better than winning a check, isn’t it?

Me: Why?

Thomas: If you win cash, you don’t have to pay taxes.

Me: Who told you such a thing?

Thomas: Aunt (Name removed to protect the guilty… know who you are!?!)

Me: I’m afraid the IRS watches America’s Funniest Home Videos and would ask you to pay the taxes anyway.

Thomas: You’re kidding!?! The IRS watches AFV???

I better sign off now, just in case the IRS also reads blogs!

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Megan is wearing her big girl pants! I love not having to buy as many diapers, but I have thrown away a panty or two.

She was running through the kitchen yesterday when Daddy said, “I’m going to pinch your bottom!”

Megan shouted, “DON”T!” Then she whispered, “There’s a turd in there!”

She was right. There certainly was!

img_5008                     img_50071

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Look what Justin got on his first hand of pinochle! It can only go down hill from here!


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Instead of Red and Yellow Black and White, we could try:

All the colors of your skin…Jesus loves the one you’re in

That’s definitely BAD…

Any ideas???

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Sometimes I just can’t let things go.

Today I saw a sign that said, Red and Yellow, Black and White in a school room window.  I sang that song as a child and it comes easily to mind right now. The tune is roaming away wildly in my head.

When I saw the sign today I caught my breath and looked again. How would the girls feel about that song? What would they think of that sign on the door of a classroom?

Although some African Americans use the term “black” to describe themselves, Shega hates it when people call her black. I don’t know any asians who like to be called “yellow”. Native Americans do not like to be called “red”.

What does it teach kids when we sing songs that divide them all up by the color of their skin?

I think I might ban this song…..or should we re-write it? Maybe someone could think of a more appropriate line….. I’ll think about that a bit!


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Mama needed a time out today!

A tough day at work, and a busy day at home, a toddler who is doing potty training and an interrupted nap schedule put this mama right over the edge.

Shega typically chooses two books to read before bed. Sometimes Megan joins us for one of them. Daddy usually reads to Megan in her room while I finish reading and praying with Shega. Tonight didn’t go quite like usual. When the girls couldn’t stop fighting about which book should be read first, who should use which pillow and which girl should be closest to the book, I closed the book, walked downstairs and said over my shoulder, “I’m going downstairs to read to myself. I’ll pray for you two when I say my bedtime prayers!”

The girls were stunned! Neither got up. Steve picked up Megan, read to her in her room and put her to bed. Then he stopped and read to Shega in her room and wished them both good night. I’m so glad our kids have two parents. One of us should remain sane at all times!

Can I have my time out with a margarita please?

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We really don’t do time outs here. We occasionally have “time ins” with the kiddos. In that case, the kids are asked to sit on a little couch or chair right near us as we work. Despite the fact that they hardly ever get time outs, the girls are very interested in them. You can read about Megan’s time out conversations in the post below.

Megan’s conversation made me think about one I had with Shega last spring. Here’s a brief version:

Shega: I was naughty in music today.

Me: That’s too bad. What happens when you are naughty in music?

Shega: Mrs. (Teacher) asked me to stop it.

Me: Does the music teacher have a naughty chair? Did you have to sit there? (Shega always referred to the time out location as the “Naughty chair” in her kindergarten room.)

Shega: I didn’t have to sit there. That’s where (kid’s name) sits!

Apparently, the naughty chair was constantly occupied by one particular child!

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Me: How was your day?

Megan: Good. I go potty!

Me: YAY! You are such a big girl! DId anything else happen?

Megan:  I had a time out.

Me: Why?

Megan: I was making supper and I needed Payton’s playdough.

I enjoyed picturing the rest of that story! It is so much fun to have real conversations with Megan now. It’s about 1/2 hour commute from the daycare door to our house. I can already see that this year, we will actually be able to talk about her day. After that quick conversation, we made a stop at the grocery store. Megan picked out two little juice boxes; one for her and one for Shega. She was very eager to enjoy her juice. The grocery bagger bagged and deposited the bags in our car. The bags were near Megan and as we drove down the road, she began to poke around from her carseat. She was looking for her juice. Here’s our next conversation.

Megan: Sir needs a time out!

Me: What’s the matter,  honey?

Megan: Sir needs a time out. He not put the juice in here.

Me: Who needs a time out honey?

Megan: That guy, Sir!  He not put the juice in here.

I’m a little slow, but I got it then! When our bagger put the groceries in the car, I called out, “Thank you sir!” Megan decided that “Sir” was his name!

“Sir” was out of trouble when we got home, emptied the bags and found the juice. She quickly downed hers.

We’re trying to give her as much to drink as she wants these days to see if she’ll find success on the potty. She went 2 for three tonight! It’s not bad for our first serious go “round!

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