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Some of the Heits boys did the pedal pull at the Boyden Bash. Two of them walked away with the big prize.

Thomas is looking pretty suave in his swimming suit holding his big trophy. He now owns two trophies with shiny miniature tractors on them. I didn’t even know there was such a sport!

Here he is:

Here’s a link to the story:

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Schedule changes bring out the worst in our six year old. She is a little girl who loves routine. Although fun things excite her and she enjoys them, she really finds it difficult to find peace with all of it.

I assume this anxiety could be traced to past trauma in her life. Because her life has been so unpredictable, change brings out a full dose of anxiousness. Subconsciously she must be thinking, “What’s going to happen to me? Where am I going? What’s next?” It’s a tough spot to be. 

Her anxiety around change was the reason we sent her to kindergarten rather than TK or preschool last year. Another year of school readiness may have been good for her academically, but another year of dealing with multiple transitions within a day was not good for her. She needed full-time every day programming. Her teacher was awesome with her. We’re excited to move to first grade this year with another top-notch teacher. It was the right decision.

Summer has sometimes been difficult. It seems we’re always going somewhere. We hop in the car and run to the pool, to ballgames, to special events etc..  Sometimes this “fun stuff” throws her into complete disarray.

We had many fun activities planned for this past weekend. We were out on Friday. Saturday we boated all day. On Sunday we had a family party. She ran around the party having fun, but occasionally slipping into a bit of trouble with the other kids her age. I corrected her and asked her to behave, or we would need to go home. The next time I checked on her she said, “Mom! I am being haved!”  Man…I hope so!

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One of our kiddos is a bit of a tattle-tale. (She’ll remain nameless here, but careful readers might figure it out) This child simply loves it if one of her siblings is in trouble.

She tells me when her brother is being “annoyning”. (I love the extra ‘n’ in that word.) She tells me when her sister is “boddering” her, or eating in the living room. The list goes on and on.

Last night she had the ultimate tattling opportunity. We were on our way home from the lakes. We had a great day on our little old boat. Apparently our tail lights weren’t working well. When a policeman stopped us to let us know, a little voice from the back piped up,

“He always speeds! Yep! My daddy always goes soooo fast!”

No amount of giving her “the look” from the front seat stopped the flow of constant tattling.

Fortunately, the policeman just gave us a verbal warning and asked us to ride the rest of the way home with our flashers on.

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Owlhaven is having a contest.

I enjoy reading her blog. She wanted to hear about favorite first day of school stories. I don’t really have a favorite story about my first day of schools. I do have a favorite memory about school starting to share.

I always enjoyed taking Paul and Joe school supply shopping. Mom would have the lists at the drug store. We always shopped on a Th. evening, the only night the drug store was open. We would go through the kids’ lists, pack the items carefully and often end by going to the drive-in for an ice cream cone.

I wish the other 4 kids would have the same tradition!

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After the fair, the kids get to auction their ribbons. They stand up in front of the auction block while bidders bid on them.

The kids don’t actually sell their ribbons. They get to keep them. The kids don’t sell their animals either. The animals are already on the truck. All they do is stand up, show their ribbons and wait for representatives of area businesses to give them a premium.

My kiddos don’t typically go very high, because their dad doesn’t have a large farm business. Some good friends of ours, whose kids are alphabetically right behind us in line, typically go for 4 – 5 times more than ours do. That dad buys lots of hog feed, sells hogs, and feed products and has many partners in business.

We don’t complain about the amount. It is totally free money, that some nice business people choose to give to the kids who participate in the fair. Thomas is pretty impressed by his free $150!

I am a little weirded out by the method of the auction though. What do you think my girls are going to look like up there? I saw the event with new eyes when little Megan ran up to Emma while she was being auctioned. Hmmmm…what do you all think?

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Blue ribbons for all!

The kids had a great time at the fair. The pigs did very well this year. It was a hot, but fun day at the fair. The goal in the hog show is to be penned. That means, when the judge sees your pig, he/she puts you and your pig in a pen. There are six pens and about tweve to fifteen entries per class. When you are penned it means you are in contention for the top prize in the category. The kids got three opportunities to show. They show 1) Pen of three; the judge is looking for good pigs that match in size and shape 2) barrow; those are the males who are no longer capable of fathering little pigs 3) gilts; would-be mama pigs, if they weren’t headed for the breakfast table.

All three kiddos got three blues. All three got penned at least once. It was an exciting day!

The kids spent most of the week at the fair. They tried their hands at catching goats, driving the pedal pull tractors and eating as much as possible. Shega’s tongue may still be blue from all of the snow cones she ate.

Last night, Emma went to the 4-H teen dance. I teased that she might meet up with a farmer boy, and then….you never know. In fact, thirty-two years ago, I met a certain handsome farmer boy at the 4-H teen dance and here we are!

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Getting ready for the fair!

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Fair week is keeping us hopping! Thomas, Emma and Jonathan are showing pigs. This weekend had them grooming, cleaning and loading the pigs for the fair.

Tomorrow is the show. It’s Thomas and Jonathan’s first year. It should be fun to watch them scoot around the ring after their pigs. I’ll post pictures after the show.

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Thomas saw his friend Joel at the pool. We haven’t seen him much this summer. As we were paying and signing in, his friend called through the bath house:

Joel:  Hey Thomas! How’s your summer?

Thomas: Good! How’s your summer?

Joel: Pretty good, but my grandma’s dog peed on my leg.

Thomas: How was that?

Joel: It was warm!


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Shega: Do you think (First mom) knows its my birthday?

Me: I’ll bet she does.

Shega: Can we pray for that?

Me: For what, honey?

Shega: That my mom remembers me and that its my birthday.


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Happy Happy Birthday to a beautiful six-year old!

Lovely Shega turned six today. We had a really nice day with a nice little party here at our house. Shega loves Hannah Montana, so we had Hannah plates and napkins. She got everything she wanted for gifts including water toys, two CDs and a CD player. Best of all, she got some make-up.

She enjoyed her cousins and just had a wonderful day.

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As I’ve mentioned before, Megan likes to dominate the pre-meal prayertime lately. Her prayer has been pretty simple lately.

Megan: Cindylou’s “cation” and Megan go on a boatride on Cindylou’s “cation”.

She finally had her chance to go both to “cation” and on a boatride.

We all had a great time horning in on the relative’s vacation. When I can figure out how, I”ll put some pics up.

Happy 4th of July!

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“Let our hearts be broken by those things that break the heart of God.”

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