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I’ve decided I don’t know what the heck it means when people say, “I am going to put my own kids first.”  I think it might mean that they are not planning to volunteer for whatever community or church event needs volunteers because their own kid has some real or imagined event. It could also mean that they are going to allow you to cover for them at work, so they can attend whatever kid event is occurring in their family.

Last weekend we missed Emma’s games. She played in a tournament at Okoboji and we were working at the Boyden tournament. I think Emma will recover from the shock of having only other people’s parents as fans.

Perhaps I’m just making lame excuses. However, I actually believe that sometimes I am putting my kids first when I’m doing a good job with whatever I am volunteering for. I might also be parenting well when I go to work and miss a ballgame. I think kids should realize that parents have to do a good job at work too.

Today Thomas had a game at 1:00 in the afternoon. I was astounded by the number of parents there. I ran by on my way to summer school and felt good about the number of other kids parents there to cheer Thomas on. (Ok, maybe I felt a little guilty)

It would have been rare indeed for my parents to have shown up at a midday game when I was a 4th grade kid. My parents ran a drugstore and they simply didn’t have time to watch me play ball. I never felt neglected in any way.

Perhaps my parents didn’t put me first, but If so, I never suspected!

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As we drove up to Emma’s game last night, Shega spied, Laura, the elementary school secretary. 

She said, “Mom! There’s Laura!

I said, “Haley’s mom?”

She said, “NO! The PRINCIPAL’s MOM!!!”

Every elementary school secretary I know should be known as such!

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Steve and I have helped with the Boyden baseball/softball tournament for 13 years. It makes for a hectic week, but we enjoy it. It finishes today. The kids get involved too. Shega remembers handing out the trophies last year, and LOVED that job. I’ll have to make sure she is at the diamond at the end of the tounament. Thomas flies around town on his bike, and occasionally rakes the diamond and picks up trash.

My big boys have umped for years. Joe came on Thursday night and umped a few games. He does a great job, and Steve loves to have him there. It was too far for Paul to drive, but he has umped for many years too.

Emma was supposed to keep score and announce, but she is playing in a tournament too. We are glad for the other kids’ parents who are taking care of her.

Megan is not helpful at all. In fact, Aunt Dode came and watched her for Thursday and Friday nights. Thank goodness! Maybe she can have a job next year!

Here is a link to the tournament website:


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Shega went back to the attachment therapist yesterday. We started last summer, left it be for awhile and decided to go back for a “tune-up”. Things went pretty well for Shega, but Megan decided to be extremely “twoish”.

While I was talking to the nice therapist, the kids were supposed to be playing with the waiting room toys in the next room under the receptionists watchful eye. When I returned, I spied the wonderful pink evidence all over the room. The divine Miss M had decided to decorate the room with her pink marker. She colored on the table, on the carpet and on the wall. I said, “Megan! What are you supposed to write on?” She replied without a moment of hesitation, “ONLY PAPER!” So much for that lesson…..

When Shega emerged from her session, she was holding a small toy that the therapist had given her. Megan wanted one too.  I suppose the fact that she typically gets whatever she wants at our house was bound to catch up to us one day. This was the day! I said, “No. That’s Shega’s toy.” She began to tantrum, arching her back and trying to give me a whack. I held her and said, “MEGAN, BE NICE!” she replied, “Mommy! Don’t spank my hinder!”

It seemed futile to try to explain to the therapist that spanking is really not my typical response to kids and that Miss Megan is really quite loved and not spanked. Parenting is soooo humbling!!

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What do Mondays bring?

I haven’t posted for a long time, and LOTS of good “stuff” has happened, but all I can think about are these random items:

The house smells funny (not funny as in “Hah “hah”, but funny as in WHAT”S THAT?!?!)

Do we have to mow AGAIN?!?!

Thomas mowed his name into the grass, then took 36 pictures of his handiwork. Definitely COOL! I wonder if he could mow something like: “Of course I will do it. I love chores, Mom!”?

Why does Megan clear her throat ever two minutes? Does she need to go to the doctor?

How do I cure extreme whininess coupled with an annoying dose of sassiness? Is a cure necessary or even desirable? Maybe I’m trying to fix something that will eventually be a mark of resiliency.

Hmmmm…..Do you remember the song “Things that make you say Hmmmm”?

Here’s a Youtube link:



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Kendra cheered for two sisters in two different uniforms at the softball game tonight. It was a great game! The blue just managed to clip the purple 4 – 3. We’re thinking we might try to slip a blue uniform into Toni’s bag next time we meet. We think she would look great in Nighthawk Blue!

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Megan has decided to dress herself lately. Here she is in her tank top, skirt and a lovely Dora panty to top it off.

She’s a trend-setter!


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The summer schedule is wild but wonderful. Shega and I started summer school today. She was pretty excited to have her mom as the so-called principal. She kept staking her claim to me each time she saw me in the halls or in her classroom. She was quite pleased to show the other kids that she is mine. She even asked me to carry her to the playground for recess. I had to decline that one!

Thomas and Shega had Bible school tonight. Megan was pretty disappointed that she couldn’t stay with the kiddos.

Thomas’ schedule has been pretty low key for summer. His favorite thing is to do is watch baseball on TV while playing a video game on the computer. Here he and Steve are in their matching office chairs with side-by-side computers. Perhaps they are getting a little work done during the game!


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Steve took a little tumble on Sunday morning. He needed 7 stitches above his eye. I think 7 is quite appropriate for a hospital trip that kept us from church!

When we got home, Megan insisted on a matching owie.

PS Does anyone know if they make brown bandaids? Our peach variety show up a little better on one of the owie twins.


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