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At our house, Steve usually gives the dinner blessing. We often ask what we should pray for, and Steve adds it to the prayer.

Shega and Megan have decided they would like a turn. Here are their dinner prayers last night:

Megan:     Shega……..and Emma…….and my little spoon……AMEN!

Shega:     Dear Jesus, please make Thomas nice to me……AMEN!

When we opened our eyes, Emma had the giggles and Thomas had his chin on his chest insisting on a retaliation prayer.  Maybe he’ll get his chance tonight.


Prayer is...

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Conversation with Shega today, after her last day of Kindergarten

Shega: Is tomorrow really the first day of summer vacation?

Me: Yep!

Shega: Where are we going on vacation?

Me: We’re staying home.

Shega: We’re staying home on vacation?

Me: Summer vacation just means you don’t have school for awhile.

Shega: I don’t have school??? AWWWWWW!


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Emma’s softball season has begun. She is catching for the varsity team. It is a tough job for a freshman, but the varsity catcher is golfing in the state golf meet next week and can’t play softball until the golf season is over.

She thinks she is pretty sore after three games. She has a cool bruise to show for it! Here is a view of the evidence!


Megan is sick. She has a very baaaad belly. We’ve been taking turns cuddling and rocking her, changing diapers and giving her baths. (Actually, the taking turns part only applies to the cuddling and rocking. Guess who is changing all of the diapers and giving all of the baths!)

Ashenafi, Megan’s baby, is receiving excellent care from her sick mommy. Megan doesn’t usually have much time to love and cuddle with her. I’ll bet Ashenafi loves it when her mommy is sick.


Thomas’ school was over on Friday. He had such a good year at school. I wish he could do 4th grade again next year. He’s not with me on that wish!

Megan had her last day at daycare on Friday. She brought treats and actually shared them nicely. They must be teaching her something at daycare! At home, she rarely has to share. She is so cute that the rest of us just hand over anything she pines for. It is tough to be the youngest. Take it from someone with experience.

Emma and Shega are finished on Wednesday. I LOVE summer.

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The Chapmans

I am so sorry for the Chapmans. We received a grant through the organization: The Chapmans founded this organization to assist others with adoption. They have been a blessing to many.

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In memory of Maria Sue Chapman (2003-2008)

Last night Maria Sue Chapman, adopted and youngest daughter of Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman, was killed in a tragic accident in the family driveway. She was LifeFlighted to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, but for only reasons God can explain, she went home to Him… not back to Franklin as we all so desperately wanted.

We are all humbled by the incredible outpouring of love and support at this difficult time. The friends of the Chapmans and Shaohannah’s Hope have overwhelmed the website servers and jammed phone lines with gracious words and heartfelt prayers. The Chapman family is so grateful.

Obviously, we cherish your prayers for all in the Chapman family, please continue to pray for:

- God’s comfort and healing for the whole family, that He would be near to them and they would find refuge in the shadow of His wings

- The church to lift them up in prayer, word, and deed, helping them to bear the burden of this tragic loss

- God to work in glorious ways to quickly pour out His redemption, grace, and peace to all affected by this heartbreaking situation

* We welcome you passing this along to others to pray, encouraging them to sign up for weekly orphan prayer updates.

* Any updates or information we get, we will post here >

* If you’d like to meet Maria and express your condolences click here >

* In lieu of flowers, the Chapmans request any gifts be directed to Shaohannah’s Hope. Donate here at >

Thank you again for your prayers and support,
Shaohannah’s Hope

“Prayer does not equip us for greater works— prayer is the greater work.”
- Oswald Chambers

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MSNBC reports that a drought is causing starvation in Ethiopia. The rainy season is arriving late this year. The drought is especially affecting the southern region. Our girls were born in the south region. We are praying for their first family in the face of this drought.

Here’s a link to the story:


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The Tulip Festival was fun this year. We went to two parades. Shega rode the big slide, the swings and the ferris wheel. She said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Mommy!”  I’m guessing that next year she won’t be quite as excited.

Kendra cleaned streets in her dutch costume. Shega said, “I want to clean streets too!”

Kendra said, “You can’t. You have to have a costume.”

Shega said, “I have a witch costume and a princess costume!”

I think she would have been adorable in her witch costume cleaning streets with all of the dutch in their wooden shoes.

We were able to meet up with some friends from NWC baseball for dinner on Saturday night. It felt great to leave the kids home for that one.

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Shega:  Are you my stepmother?

Me: No. I’m just mom.

Shega: Is my Ethiopian mom my stepmother?

Me: No. She is your mom too. You have two moms. Isn’t that amazing?!?

Shega: If I have two moms, one of you has to be my stepmother.


What should our family call Shega and Megan’s first mom? We call her by her name, or by the term first mom. I know adoptive parents often call first parents “birthparents”, but that doesn’t work well for Shega. This is the woman who gave birth to her, but also loved her, fed her, watched her take her first steps, taught her her first songs and so much more. For four years Shega called her mom. She deserves to keep that title forever.

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We arrived home from North Dakota at 3:30 a.m. It was a short night! Thomas surprised me with breakfast in bed. He brought me two pieces of toast with sugar and a cookie with my cup of coffee. What a wonderful surprise.

I had a call from Paul in Iowa City. I was pleased he remembered. The little girls, Thomas and Emma went with us to Keith and April’s all afternoon. Tonight we spent some time with Kendra and Joe. I am so blessed to have these awesome kids call me mom. It is truly the best name in the world.

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They made it! Joe and Kendra graduated albeit “in absentia”. I am so proud of both of them. I am not only proud of their accomplishments, but I am just so proud of the fine young people they are. They are ready to serve the Lord with whatever He puts before them to do. I feel so blessed to be Mom and MIL!

Here are some pictures of the two of them on campus. We took the pictures today, even though they missed the real event yesterday. Even the little kiddoes got in on the pictures. Aren’t Joe and Kendra distinguished?!? I think the sneakers just add to the look. FEEL THE BRAINS!

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The Red Raiders finished their season in North Dakota this week. They had a great season and a nice regional tournament. They ended up losing in a two-game championship series.

Joe played every game this year. They ended up 29 – 18. Joe set the career singles record. Here’s a link to the Journal article about their final game: (Click to View the Article)

Here’s a quote: Northwestern wound up with eight hits, including three by Joe Heitritter, the school’s career singles leader with 156. Codie Zuetenhorst, who along with Heitritter played their final collegiate games, was 2-for-3 at the plate.

It was hard to see it end. We have so enjoyed Red Raider baseball.


Joe and Kendra missed their college graduation to be in snowy North Dakota for the game. Steve and I and the girls attended. It was hard to miss graduation, but it was for a good cause. The It was so cold that the baseball players made a snowman and dressed it in a Red Raider jersey.

Emma and Thomas had to stay home. It was hard to leave them here, but they had simply missed too much school. Grandma took good care of them and we called often with scores and updates. The little girls did great at the hotel and the games. They even travelled well. I’m so glad we went.

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Megan got into the chocolate tonight. She covered herself, the window seat and the window with Hersheys.

She got a bath and a new hair do. Ooey Gooey and delicious!


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There were many tornadoes in our neighborhood last night. We heard the tornado whistles in Boyden, over 3 miles away.

The kids went to the basement. Emma was on the bus on her way home from a track meet. They stopped the bus and watched a tornado on the ground for about a minute and a half. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

The season is here! Here’s a picture of one of the tornadoes from last night.


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