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Whlie sweeping the floor Megan’s high chair was set on the table. Megan saw the chair and somehow climbed up and took a seat in her chair. She was quite proud of herself!!


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The Red Raiders won the GPAC title yesterday. It was really cold and windy at the game. There are many players with injuries, so I’m glad they could keep it together to win. This week they’ll play in the conference tournament. Steve took Thomas out of school early to watch the Briar Cliff games. He’s pretty excited!

Kendra took a couple of cute pictures of the girls in their parkas at the game. I can’t believe we had to wear parkas in late April. Maybe spring will come this week!

Happy Birthday Anne! We thought of you on your day. I hope it was happy!



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One of the kiddos managed to throw something through the new TV screen. It shattered. Rats! We had been using Paul’s TV, but he moved it to Ia City, so we put a new one in the living room. The kids were cleaning. I guess one of the cleaning moves involves throwing CD cases.

Since we’re not quite adventurous enough to go without TVs, we brought out a really old TV from the basement. We forgot why it was in the basement. It turns everyone blue. We should definitely call it “Smurf TV”. I guess there could be a hidden blessing. Maybe we’ll all get to know one another better as we all watch together in our bed.

The incident made us think about all of the kid loss “crop loss” we’ve suffered as parents. Here are a few examples:

One kid took a little trip with Steve’s Camaro. He crawled out of his seat belt, put the car in gear and actually side-swiped four other cars.

One kid took a rock and threw it right through the sliding glass door while his brother yelled, “NO! Don’t throw it!”

One kid flipped the golf cart and didn’t tell us. A neighbor found the cart and peeked under it for bodies before telling us.

One kid claims she has never broken anything. We let her drive to town tonight for church. (You had better make that claim true Miss E!)

In other news…

Poor baby Megan. She was throwing things into the big crock we use as a coffee table, when she lost her balance and went in head first. Emma and Shega laughed so hard they could barely stand up, yet Miss Megan went to Emma for comfort. Here’s a picture of her hugging Emma and telling me what happened.



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The Red Raiders won the GPAC baseball crown yesterday. Thomas has been so excited lately. Steve let him skip school to go to the Briar Cliff game in the rain on Wed. Yesterday was cold and windy, but we had a good time anyway. Kendra took some cute pictures of the girls in their parkas. It’s hard to believe they need parkas in late April!

Happy Birthday Anne! We thought of you on your day.

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Kendra helped me find a link to the article about Joe. Here’s a link to the student newspaper article about Joe and baseball.

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I was gone for work for three days this week. Poor Daddy! He’s been a busy guy. Being a single dad is hard work.

Megan took a tumble at daycare. She really looked tough.  She went face first out of the swing. She is missing a fair amount of skin on her nose, upper lip and forehead. We’ve been putting scar butter on it, so I hope it heals ok.

megan1.jpg     megan2.jpg

Steve said that the daycare said nothing about the blood, HIV tests or worries about spreading anything.


Joe played ball a bit this week. The Red Raiders are doing very well. I can’t wait to go to the game today. It is supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny. Yay! Maybe spring is here. The girls enjoy wandering around the field, and Thomas is the biggest RR fan of all.

The student paper featured Joe in a player profile this week. I wish I could link it here, but I’ll have to type a bit of it.


Joe Heitritter, the second oldest in a family of six children, grew up on a farm. Much of his childhood was spent playing baseball with his grandpa and older brother, Paul. He recalls, “When I was a kid, after church we would go to my grandpa’s house and he would pitch to us.” He adds, “Grandpa would always tell us, “You swing like a rusty gate.”

Considering his performance history for the Red Raiders, it would be safe to assume that Heitritter has improved considerably since his sandlot days.

The article goes on to talk about college life, Kendra and their decision to join to Peace Corps. The last paragraph says:

However apprehensive he is about leaving college, though, Heitritter is singular in the fact that he hopes to miss his graduation, albeit for a worthy cause: “I hope that I won’t be here because we could be playing in the regional tournament finals.” It would certainly seem a fitting way to exit the college life and all it has given him. Heitritter concludes, “I will really miss being a part of the baseball team. This year has been the best yet. It will be hard to walk away.”

After 7 years of watching Red Raider baseball, it will be hard for his parents to walk away too.


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Living with the Mek is my new favorite show. Olly and Mark move in with the Mek tribe, based in Papua, New Guinea. They share the stories of the tribe and prepare a video journal.

The episode that hooked me was the one about potato farming and a food shortage.

Markus is the tribal chief. One day his wife looks far across a deep ravine and a raging river. She sees that another Mek tribe has dug new potato fields.  She wishes she had new potato fields. She looks to her husband and says,

“You useless man! Why don’t you dig new potato fields like those men over there!”

In the end, Markus solves the potato problem by building a big bridge over the ravine and trading pigs for potatoes.

Life is truly the same all over…. The grass is certainly greener on the other side of the fence (or ravine)!

Here’s a link to a picture of the interesting clothes the hosts, Mark and Olly wear.

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Kindergarten teachers are wonderful note writers. Since they cannot depend on the kids getting the information home, they have to keep in contact with parents by note.

I LOVE Shega’s kindergarten teacher. I have received several notes from her this year, but none was as special as the one I received today. Here’s some of the note:

I’m at home today, but I just wanted to tell you that things have been going well for (Shega).  … There have been many times, during our unstructured transition times, where I look over and she’s waiting for what comes next or she’ll just be working hard on coloring or making something.  And I know from the specials teachers, things have been going well in their classes too.
I’m very proud of how she’s doing!

AWWWWWW! Thanks Mrs. VR!

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Some of our favorite people in the whole world lost someone they loved. Uncle Justin passed from this world to the next from complications from aplastic anemia. He was only 25, a seminary student, a husband and an amazing uncle. 

Uncle Justin Obituary

We love you VVs and we are praying for you as you mourn.

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Happy Birthday Grace. I thought of you on your day. Maybe I’ll send you a birthday card….around Memorial Day!

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I hereby nominate my husband for sainthood!

I had to go to a meeting in Washington DC for a few days. I left Wed. night and returned last night. Steve did kid and household duties.  Usually, a three day foray into single parenthood wouldn’t warrant all of the “points” Steve earned for this one. A few events conspired to make this trip much more work for the at-home parent.

1) The daycare called on Wed to tell me that Megan hadn’t peed all day, and kept gripping her diaper saying “owie!” Yep! Collecting a specimen was a bit of a trick, but sure enough…she had a UTI.

2) Emma woke up on Wed sick with a temp and needed to go to the doctor too.

3) Thomas competed in the pinewood derby, and Steve had to get him to the weigh-in and take all three little ones to the competition. He tells me that he spent most of his time keeping Megan off the track.

4) THIS IS THE BIGGIE!  I was a hostess for our school hostess supper on Thursday night. I was to bring the meat and the dessert, plus do the general hostess duties. In our neighborhood, its a bit of a stretch to appoint your husband to do hostess duties. However, it sounds like he did fine. He and his mom brought chicken and cake and the entertainment was great. Mission accomplished! Woo hoo!

In addition, he took the kids to Joe’s baseball games on both Friday and Saturday. Today Grandma Heits brought pizza for supper and we spent most of the day catching up. It was good!

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Megan: Lion scary

Me: Yes. Lions can be scary.

Megan: Lion roars

Me: Sometimes lions hold their tails and shake.

Megan: Witches scary

Me: Yes. The witches are scary.

Megan: Dorothy scary!

Me: But Emma wasn’t scary

Megan: Emma blue! Emma scary!

I guess even the munchkins were scary for Megan. (Even when she knew at least one of the munchkins very well!)

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