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Shega: What does “rose” mean?

Me: What do you mean?

Shega: What does it mean when you say, “He arose”?

Me: Jesus was dead and then he became alive again. We celebrate on Easter.

Shega: That’s scary! Can I sleep with the light on?

I guess I spent a little too much time on the Easter egg hunt and too little time on the Easter story!

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He is Risen indeed!

Although Easter was cold and still snowy, we had an enjoyable holiday. Joe and Kendra came to church with us. We stopped at Grandpa’s house after church and then we headed home to get ready for the party. The Heits cousins were all able to come. Aunt Barb and Aunt Dode came too. Joe brought a few NWC Red Raiders as well. It was especially cool to have Paul home. We had around 30 for lunch.

After lunch was the main attraction…the Egg Hunt. The big kids hide eggs for the little ones, and the little ones, hide eggs for the big kids. At the Heits house, you are a big kid until you bring a little kid to the party. Thus, all of the college kids were made to hunt.

Here are the rules:

The younger kids only hunt for eggs of one color. This year we had 9 little kids hunting eggs. We ran out of colors. We had to get a bit creative.  We broke some of the plastic eggs apart to make pink/yellow eggs and blue/yellow eggs to add to the mix. The same big kid hides all of each little kids’ eggs. That way, that big kid can serve as a consultant if the little one is stuck.

All of the kids found most of their eggs.  (I’m sure we’ll find the rest when the snow melts) Some of the Red Raiders were pretty creative, hiding eggs in trees, under left-over disgusting jack-o-lanterns from last Halloween and in trees. Thomas was definitely put to the test by his big kid egg hider (Thanks Jake!)

The little kids hid the eggs for the big kids. They hid lots of empty eggs and just a few eggs that had anything in them. This year we put a $10, a $5 and a $2 along with a few jelly beans and chocolates. All of the big kids were turned loose. Poor Joe came up with a whole lot of empty eggs and one egg full of jelly beans. One Red Raider, (Hi Scott!) came up with $15!  He definitely went home as the big winner. We sent poor Paul off with just a few chocolates and no cash for his gas back to Iowa City.  Better luck next year Heits boys!

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Paul is 25 today. It hardly seems possible. He recently moved to Iowa City to work for Iowa City Landscaping.

We already miss him. He’s coming home this weekend. I hope we find some time to play a little pinochle. He likes to play pinochle, but the relatives over in Iowa City play pitch. We’ll miss him and his crazy bidding here on Sunday afternoons.

He’s bunking with his cousin Cami and little Anna for awhile. Thanks for making him so welcome over there. Here he is with his younger and only somewhat taller brother.


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Thomas has two friends over to celebrate the Easter school holiday. Here is a conversation with Megan this morning:

M:  Boys nice?!?

Me: Yes the boys are nice.

M: Boys hold you?!?

Me: Yes the boys may hold you if you want.

M: Thank you boys!

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Over the past twenty-five years, we have succombed to the “kid in bed with us” syndrome.  We never really chose to co-sleep, but it has just happened to us with each kid at some point. I guess neither one of us are coherent enough to make sleep decisions in the middle of the night.

Last night Megan joined us in bed at around 1:30 a.m. I tucked her between us, covered her up and whispered “Don’t wake up Daddy.”

I promptly went back to sleep. Steve said that soon after, Megan slipped her little hand over his face, pinched his nose and said, “Honk! Honk!”

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I went to see Chuck Grassley in Sioux Center today. A local principal was eager to rally educators to talk to Senator Grassley about immigration issues.

I like Senator Grassley. I didn’t like what he said about immigration, but I like him.

(I can’t say the same for Mr. King!)

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Those of you who know me know I do not like Steve King’s politics. He is a congressman in the 5th district in Iowa. (Yep! He’s our representative) He has a way of turning a phrase that is simply scary. One of my colleagues wrote a great letter to the editor in the Northwest Iowa Review. It prompted me to look up King’s interview given on March 7 in Iowa. In it he discusses the “optics” of a Obama presidency. In other words, he wonders what it would look like to the world if we elect Obama to the presidency. He claims that the terrorists would be “dancing in the streets in greater numbers than on Sept. 11″ if Obama is elected.

Here’s a link:

I guess I’m not surprised that King would say some of these things. After all, last year he compared illegal immigrants to stray cats. Here’s quote from

  • A transcript of King’s comments made at a Republican fundraiser in Boulder’s Conference Center showed he compared illegal immigrants to stray cats that wind up on people’s porches. King said at first stray cats help by chasing mice, so people feed them. King added that the stray cats then have kittens, which are liked for their cuteness, but eventually the strays, fed by the people, end up getting lazy, just like illegal immigrants. King would not comment on what he said on that day. Sioux City Journal, 10-13-2006
    Although I’m not surprised that he says what he says, I am surprised that so many people continue to support him.
  • I’m sorry about the politics on a family blog, but Steve King just gets my dander up!

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    The Red Raiders played well (most of the time). We took second in the spring break tournament. Here is a picture with the trophy.


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    We loved Busch Gardens. Megan and Shega loved the kids’ area, and the big kids loved the rides. I loved the animals and the gardening and Steve loved watching everyone love it. We all got wet when we went to the pirate show. I got a little wetter when I went on a water ride. The big kids put quarters in the big shooter and got us (especially Mom) even wetter. We’ve got some dandy kids!

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    Shega: “I don’t want to sleep with you and dad. I want my own bed.” This comment was preceded by many wakeful hours full of swimming and baseball and followed by many tears and much whining.

    Me: “No, there are no other beds. You may sleep on the floor in our room, or in our bed.”

    Shega: “If I can’t have my own bed, I just want to stay home next vacation.”

    Me: “Ok. I’ll get you a babysitter and the rest of us will have fun in Florida.”

    Shega: “Can I stay with Kendra or with Maddie?”

    Me: “NO! I’m going to get a mean old man to babysit you.”  (This comment in just in time for the mother of the year award!)

    Shega: “OK!”

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    Warm weather, beaches, water, family and baseball! What could be better!  I’ll post more news later. Here’s a few pics.

    Click to view Florida Pictures

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    We finally uploaded a few pictures.

    Click to view the gallery.

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