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Daycare drop off and pick up has been a little weird. One employee runs and hides from me each day. I don’t know where they are with their request. Nobody has talked to me about the issue since Monday.  I would like an apology, but I’m not holding my breath for one. I wonder if the daycare will push for the record. No one has told me that they have decided to drop the request. I just get silence.

Megan is happy to go, and her room supervisor is great with her.

I am grateful that we are going to Florida for a week! We’ll be watching Red Raider baseball and sitting on the beach for a week. YAY! Shega can’t wait.

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I was able to speak to the secretary, the curriculum director and Megan’s room supervisor on Friday. All three of them denied that Megan was receiving any different care because of her race.

The employee who had touched Megan’s hand insisted that she would have wanted the tests from any child in the building and not just Megan. I hope that is true, but I doubt if it is.

I refused to disclose Megan’s HIV or Hep status. I said, “In solidarity with parents who are raising HIV+ children I will not provide you with her status.”

I called public health in our county. They are putting together a packet of information for the day care staff. I told the director that I would be calling all of the board members to ask for education on the topic of blood borne pathogens and racial sensitivity.

Please disregard this if I’m driving you crazy with this situation.
I was able to talk to three board members and the director of the day care. There had been a change in administration in January, and the elementary principal is now the acting director. (missed that change)

Three of the four people I talked with were great and assured me that the board would look into the situation. The elementary principal was especially good. She was aware of the situation and had already thought about the daycare response.

I was disappointed with one board member’s response. When I told him I would not be supplying the day care with an HIV or Hep report because by law I do not have to supply it, he replied, “I am not sure that is true.” I told him that if disclosure was required, kids would be discriminated against. He said, “Discrimination is illegal. However, we have to think about the health of all of the children.” I told him I would need a court order to release that information.

Hmmmm… I wonder where it will go from here.

Sometimes parenting is soooo complicated!

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This morning when I dropped Megan off at daycare, her room supervisor asked me to sign an incident report. The supervisor told me that Megan got a papercut under her fingernail during story time. She said it had bled quite a bit and she had put a bandaid on it. I didn’t notice either the cut or the bandaid, so I signed the incident report and went about my day.

At pick up, the curriculum director stopped me and told me that one of the employees had held hands with Megan while Megan’s finger was bleeding. The employee is pregnant and very upset. The director told me that the employee wasn’t able to sleep becuase she was so upset. She wants our pediatrician to fax Megan’s HIV and Hep status reports to the daycare to ease this woman’s mind.

I agreed to do that,  got in my car and cried for most of the way home. Poor Megan.  Are people scared of her? Are they treating her differently at daycare because she is from Ethiopia? Does Megan feel their fear? Does she constantly feel like she is different?

 I’m not going to provide them with the fax from the doctor.I’m going to have a long talk with the director tomorrow.  Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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I brought Megan back to daycare today. She was so pleased to be back. The whole crowd of little people cheered and shouted, “MEGAN!” It was cute. I enjoyed being back to work for the whole day too.  Tonight Megan was was feisty and full of “no” and “mine”. She threw in a few “whys” for effect. It was great to have her back.

 Attached to the timeclock on the way out of daycare was a sign that went something like this:

“No child who has been diagnosed with either influenza A or influenza B will be allowed to attend daycare for 10 days following the diagnosis. No adult who has been diagnosed with either influenza type will be able enter the daycare as a parent or an employee for at least 10 days following the diagnosis.”

Something else to worry about I guess….

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Megan is sick. The daycare called me on Tuesday and said she was coughing a lot. They had 3 cases of RSV in the room and wanted me to have her tested. I took her right to the doctor. Yep! She has it too.

She wasn’t very sick initially, but she has steadily gotten worse. Last night, four days after the diagnosis, she still had a fever. However, unlike a few days this week, she did sleep all night last night. As I write this at 8:30 a.m., Megan is still sleeping. Sleep is so good for all of us!

Megan has been amazingly good natured about her sickness. She hasn’t complained about the cough and has just puttered around the house or played quietly. She hasn’t been crabby or fussy at all. I feel very sorry for our little peanut and hope she gets better very soon!

Work has been interesting this week. In addition to Megan being sick, we’ve had late starts and early outs for the weather.  Since Steve and I still have to work, the whole family has gotten involved in childcare. Paul drove home to care for Megan in the afternoons, Joe and Kendra babysat for part of a day. Emma took care of the bunch on the early out and late start days and Steve and I split the rest of the time. It’s a good thing we have flexible schedules!

I hope Megan feels better today.

In other sick news….

Sami, the cat is somewhat better. She is scary thin because she refuses to eat anything that isn’t her traditional hard cat food which is difficult with her sore tooth. The vet says she won’t starve herself and will eventually eat the many types of soft food we have offered her. I hope she knows how fussy Siamese cats can be!

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We have a sick cat. Poor Sami has an ear infection which likely came from an infected tooth. Steve and Em have been giving her shots. My job is to force feed her water with a small syringe. If we can’t get her re-hydrated, the vet will put her on IVs. Poor kitty!


Our kids have been well this week. I’m glad because there are many sick people around. Influenza A is everywhere. I didn’t get my flu shot this year! I couldn’t bear to have Megan and Shega “shot” again, so we all skipped. I hope we’re not all sorry!

Poor Lucy is sick! Although I haven’t met them in person, I’ve seen them around the blogosphere. It is always so hard to be a mom to a sick kid. Get better quick, Lucy!

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Steve put a few pics from the wedding up on the banner.  The pink vests and dresses are perfect for a Valentines Day post.

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We don’t play tag at home. Megan doesn’t “get it”, and Shega hates to be “it”. However, I’ve just been blog tagged for the first time ever! Cool!

Kari tagged me with 8 questions. Some of them are really tough. See if you can answer them at your house.

What are eight things I’m passionate about?


Praying (a new passion of mine)

My family

My work




A clean house (Ok…that’s a lie!)

What are eight things I want to do before I die?

Do justice and love kindness (every day, and not just when I’m feeling especially generous)

Celebrate our 50th Anniversary

Marry off 5 more kids. One of my sons, (who shall remain nameless here) asked me why I want him to get married so badly. I told him, “Because I love your dad so much and he has given me such a wonderful life and I just want you to have the same thing.” His response, “Mom. I am not in the market for a guy like Dad!”  (That shut down my matchmaking attempts for awhile!)

Go back to Ethiopia (One of my aunts always wanted to go to Norway. My mom often laughed about her obsessive wish. Mom thought her Norway wish might have prevented her from focusing on the things she wanted to do right at home! I want to go, but I don’t want my ET wish to keep me from focusing on home.)

Excercise (someday when it isn’t 10 below 0 with a mean wind)

Go to cooking school


Clean my house (A girl can dream!)

What are eight things I say often?

You’re hungry???  YOU ATE YESTERDAY! You don’t have to eat every day! (For some reason that doesn’t work at our house.

How was your schay at DOOL DOOL DOOL? How was your day was it COOL COOL COOL?

Thomas! Go BAKE a TATH.  (I enjoy spoonerisms.)

Oh my goodness! We are really late for church this week!

Megan! Are you in the safety zone?!?



(All of the previous are in response to Megan’s growing mobility.)

What are eight TV shows I have recently watched?

I have watched almost only the Disney channel for many months. Our current favorite is the new Disney movie, “Minutemen.” Unfortunately, when Steve recorded it, he missed the last 10 minutes. Shega is not happy about that, but knows it well enough that she can fill us in on what happens in the end. We also enjoy Hannah Montana


Cory in the House

Zach and Cody

Last night we watched, “Chicken Little.”

High School Musical I and II are also favorites. We watch them over and over and can sing all of the songs and (Scary but true) we can do much of the choreography

What are eight songs I like?

Old McDonald (Megan sings children’s songs all the way to daycare and home every day. This one is a favorite.)

Cockles and Mussels Alive Alive-O  (Another of Megan’s faves)

You’re my little girl (Go Fish)

East to West (Casting Crowns)

Take You Back (Jeremy Camp)

Your Name (Phillips Craig and Dean)

Adonai (I’m not sure who this is by… Point of Grace?  Avalon?  Help anyone?)

Wow…This is hard.  How about “Bicycle Built for Two”

What are eight things I’ve learned this year?

To pray

To love my daughter-in-law

To be a mother-in-law (still learning here!)

Much about adoption 

Much about Ethiopia

To parent in a new way

To blog

Not to worry about my messy house (OBVIOUSLY still working on that one!)

 I tag:

The Van Voorsts

The Feldkamps

The Harberts

The Carlsons

This has been a taxing exercise. I’m stopping at 4 tags. You can all do it at home, though. TAG!  YOU’RE IT!

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Blogging update

I asked the blogging question on our agency’s forum. I asked this: Other than someone finding out where you live and coming to harrass you at your home, what are the other dangers of public blogging. This is what I heard there:

1) Your kids could be embarrassed because you’ve revealed too much about them.

2) People could steal your pictures and use them for advertisements or who knows what.

I’m not very worried about any of those things. I think I’ll keep blogging until I see any more evidence that something bad could happen. 

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Our adoption agency put out a statement that states that adoptive families cannot:

1) Put a picture of their child on their private blog until they have gone through court.

2) Fund-raise for their adoption through their private blog site.

We did neither of these things, but it has me thinking about blog safety a bit.

I’ve enjoyed blogging. It feels like a journal with a purpose. I have journaled in the past, but with no audience, it is easy to let the habit go. I am glad I have recorded our first year with the girls. I like thinking out-loud and I enjoy the feedback I’ve gotten from a few readers.

I’ve had only one somewhat disturbing thing happen connected to my blog. One of my hair posts was linked to a site selling hot tubs. I have no idea why people who sell hot tubs would be interested in any hair care tips or questions I might have. Many moms have better skills with hair care than I have, and the post said nothing about hot tubs. What a puzzle!

Maybe my kids will think I revealed too much about them. hmmm I need to think about this a bit…… 

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