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Megan is a wild child!  She loves to help. She’s not really as helpful as she thinks she is. In fact, we really can’t get much done with her around.

One would think that the sixth child would not bring anything new to the parenting table. That is definitely NOT TRUE! Last week Megan emptied a 5 lb bag of potatoes into a heat register. That one was new!


Megan loves to vaccuum, wash dishes and bake. We put a few pictures of Megan being helpful on the photo page.

All About Megan” Photo Page

Last year at this time, Megan barely smiled and rarely cried. Now she quite vocally lets us know both her pleasure and her displeasure. What a year this child has had!

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We went to court last week! We were able to finalize the girls’ adoption in the US. Finalization allowed us to change the girls names. It allows them to qualify for SS#. Although Ethiopia considers the adoption final there, the US asks us to do one more step.

We showed up at the Sioux County courthouse with a few fans in the stands. It was a fitting celebration for our one year famiversary!


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One year ago on Dec. 8, we met our girls for the first time.

The year has flown by. The girls are doing so well. It is a joy to have them in our family. We are so lucky. (blessed!)

We celebrated pretty quietly. It would have been fun to go to Sioux Falls for an Ethiopian restaurant trip, but the snow just steadily fell all day and staying home was nice too. We went to the VVs to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. They let us watch the girls’ home coming video with them. It was a joy. Thanks for your support over this year. What a year!

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We’ve been absent from blogging. I’m sure we weren’t much missed, but here we we are again. We’re having a snow storm today. Since it has been cold, and it is the Christmas season, I’m glad it is snowing. The three Heits boys stayed overnight last night. This next part falls under the “scary but true” category. When we woke up to snow this morning, I found enough outerwear, including hats, mittens, snowpants, and even coats for 5 kids. All of that saving and storing is a good thing sometimes.

The wedding

Kate and Christophers wedding was simply beautiful. All of the Dyks, except Kendra were there. That rarely happens! Thank you, Lorna for organizing a picture!

The kids had lots of fun in the hotel. Shega swam non-stop. I simply must get that child swimming lessons. She is a bit too brave.


We had a nice crowd for Thanksgiving. Many of the Johnsons joined the Heits for our noon meal. Although I typically orgnize a craft for the kids and some sort of entertainment for the big guys, that didn’t happen this year. Oh well! Both groups seemed to have a good time anyway.

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