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I hate it when parents whine about how busy their kids activities make them.

I remember one conversation I had that especially illustrates that. A mom I know said, “I can’t wait for T-ball to be over. It’s right in the middle of the day. I don’t know whether to give them lunch before t-ball, or after. Naps are all messed up. I can’t wait for it to be over.”

I was apalled!  I can’t think of anything I would rather do with my summer than hang at my kids’ t-ball games! Since then I’ve tried to be very careful NOT to say, “I’m so busy!”  especially when it involves going to my kids’ events. Usually when people ask me if I’m busy, I try very hard to downplay the schedule.

However, every once-in-awhile I feel the need to engage in a little self-indulgent whining. “We’re so busy!”

There!  I feel better!

First Reformed Church

First Reformed Church in Boyden asked us to come and talk about our adoption journey. Although I didn’t feel like we were as prepared as we should have been, the talk went well. We played the video the agency gave us of the girls’ time in the orphanage. Steve put together a powerpoint of the time we were there. We talked for over an hour. Wow! We’re long winded!


The ladies of Hope put together a wedding shower for Joe and Kendra. They were blessed with many nice gifts, plus they had a good time.

The Man Gift

Many years ago Steve and I went to a charity auction. Whenever we go to auctions, the kids always clamor for us to bid on something for them. One time, we came home with nothing but a tool kit. Paul and Joe were much younger at the time. They were not pleased that we didn’t come home with a ball or toy for them. I told them that this special tool kit was for Paul’s “man shower” when he would get married.

Well………Paul isn’t getting married, but Joe is! Therefore, I wrapped the “man shower” gift and gave it to Joe at the Hope shower. When I told Paul, he got right on the phone to complain to Joe. I’m sure Joe would be happy to hand it over if Paul schedules a “man shower” before the wedding.

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Conversation with Shega:

Shega: If someone has an accident on purpose, is it an accident or an on purpose?

Dad: I only have accidents I never have on purposes.

Shega: Uh Uh! You don’t have accidents! You’re a big boy!

I thought that first line sounded a little like a Steven Wright line. Hmmm… I wonder what the insurance industry would think of this conversation!

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We had the girls baptized yesterday. Yay! I had prayed over this event for some time. I wondered how the girls would do. We had worried about how the event would be perceived in church. It turned out to be a wonderful celebration.

Pastor Todd did a great job with baptism. The girls did just fine. We had a nice celebration and party after church. It was great! Praise God!

          baptism.jpg                 baptism-home.jpg

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We went to the Point of Grace concert in Sioux Center on Saturday night.  Thomas, Shega and Megan and the ‘rents went. What a great time! We loved the music! Here’s their website. You can listen to some of their music right there.

The concert was to benefit Katelyn’s fund. We have found much support through this organization through our adoption journey. Here’s a link to their site:

Are you interested in adoption? Join us at a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 8.

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Megan was a ladybug and Shega was a princess for Halloween this year. It was such fun experiencing Halloween for the first time through Shega’s eyes! She had so much fun. She had three celebrations. We went to the Kiwanis Halloween night. She dressed up in her princess clothes for school, and we went to the college for dorm trick-or-treating!

It is very different having a little girl again. Thomas wanted to be a pirate. He couldn’t stop pretending fight the enemy (the princess and the ladybug) with his cardboard sword. We picked up two of his friends for the night too. One of them claimed to be a living pirate, and the other said he was a dead pirate. The Three Muscateer Pirates I guess!

                 kids.jpg                             3-pirates.jpg             

We’re having the girls baptized on Sunday. I am afraid it will be somewhat similar to giving cats baths. There may be some wrestling in the front of church! Stay tuned!!

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