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Our Adoption Journey  (Laura’s Story)

I have wanted to adopt for a really long time. I love being around children, and always wanted to bring more into our family.  When I was growing up, our house was always bustling and full of kids. My parents are each one of twelve siblings. I have five older brothers and an older sister. Several of my mom’s brothers and sisters lived with us at various times. My parents often had boarders in our home. The last one lived with us during my junior year in high school. I simply always knew I wanted to spend my life surrounded by kids.

There were many times I discussed the idea with my husband, my mom and others. When my mom was in the hospital, during the last few days of her life, I told her we really wanted to adopt. She replied, “Why don’t you just have another child?” A year later, almost to the day, Thomas was born. That put adoption to rest again for awhile. However, the thought just nagged and nagged me until the summer of 2005. I often talked to Steve about it. He was patient, but non-committal.  It seemed that everywhere I went, someone would talk to me about adoption. I kept hearing the “still small voice”. Finally last summer I completed an application. I talked Steve in to a two-day workshop, and we were both convinced! It was a good thing Steve didn’t fully realize the full financial commitment until later. It seems that the Lord knew just how much he could handle at a time!

Since last November, we have been working through the adoption journey together. The Lord has really used all of the little hurdles and obstacles to strengthen our faith in Him, and our relationship with one another. I am awestruck and amazed when I look at the hand of God in our adoption journey.


Our Adoption Journey (Steve’s story)


Laura has wished to adopt for many years.  Earlier I didn’t feel that the time was right for us to adopt.  The last few years I have become interested in the idea of adopting internationally.  My Aunt and Uncle volunteer in an orphanage in Africa.  Hearing the stories of the children they care for and the need for good parents got me thinking about adoption again. Check out www.Ronandlynn.com. This time when Laura mentioned adoption I told her we should check it out.  After investigating different countries we decided to proceed and start the process to adopt from Ethiopia.  Shortly after this Laura and I were eating lunch at a table alone when two people joined us.  As we were visiting one mentioned a time he spent in Ethiopia.  When we told him we are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia the other person told us he was an adoptive parent.  He talked about the blessings received every day from his children.  At this point I realized two things.  God is ever present and at work in our lives and we made the right choice to adopt.


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